Prefect Talk

Prefect Talk


Thought for the week 

This week's ‘thought for the week’ was delivered by Rose D and Tony A with the message of becoming aware of the diversity within the school and embracing all differences.  

Here is their report:  

“Today we are talking about diversity and celebrating differences. We know that as a school we have heard about diversity about a thousand times, and it has become a bit of a cliché, but this just goes to show how lucky we are to be surrounded by and immersed with so many different cultures every day.   

The diversity in the school has possibly allowed us to become complacent to our privilege; we will probably never again have this much access to learn about so many different cultures around the world. It is now our duty to be aware of all the diversity within the school and to be open and embrace the differences that make each one of us unique.   

As people, we have the right not to see our differences, but it would be stupid to not take up this chance to grow as people as this chance will only come around once in our lives. This will enable us to grow as a society and within our own selves as looking towards others often helps us to discover more about ourselves.   

I am 100% sure that when you leave school in a world massively growing in the amount of diversity, you will come across a range of people from different walks of life. Not everything that we learn at school is key for our future but what certainly will be is the ability to interact with other communities. It is through these interactions that you will be able to, from many connections and experiences, evolve.   

So, this week Rose and I challenge you to be more appreciative of the people around you.”  

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