Our latest episode features Rachael, Deputy Head Girl and Archie, School Prefect. We hear about their life and experiences at RHS and their ambitions for the future.

Joining RHS in Yr7, Archie has just signed a professional contract with Northampton Saints, and enjoys all sports, particularly hockey and cricket. Rachael also joined RHS in Yr7, following her three older siblings, including Jonathan Ilori who we interviewed in Episode 1. Rachael is also Head Scholar, which means she is most enthusiastic about academics, and also plays 1st team netball and loves athletics.

In this episode, we hear an interesting fact about the military association with the school, we talk about the wonderful world of herbal remedies as Rachael explored in her EPQ, we hear about the links between the CCF and the rugby pitch, and about singing in St Paul's cathedral.

Listen here: https://bit.ly/sitdownwithRHS #PartofRHS #SitDownWithRHS...