NSSA Team Championship

NSSA Team Championship

NSSA Single Handed Team Racing Championship

Sarah, Merryn and Tom became the NSSA Single Handed Racing Champions last weekend winning the championships at Burton Sailing Club. Four of the three RHS teams competed in Topper sailing dinghies. 

The Orange team of Sarah, Merryn, and Tom finished the first day with seven wins from eight races. The Yellow (Sonny, Joel and Will) and Blue (Devon, Carlos and Alvaro) teams had four wins from eight races and the Green team (Scarlett, Ruby and Jameson) had three wins from eight races. The results after 88 races saw RHS Orange team at the top of the leaderboard in first place. RHS Yellow placed 11th, RHS Blue in 12th and RHS Green in 18th out of the 22 teams competing. 

League racing continued Sunday with a further 44 races. The Orange team managed to hold their 1st place position on Sunday, winning all four of their races. The Blue team achieved 7th place, showing a great improvement. They were awarded the Lancashire Plate for the highest placed team at the end of the league who were in the bottom half of the rankings at the end of the first day. Yellow achieved 12th place and Green finished 19th. 

The top four teams went through to the semi-finals with the RHS Orange team beating North Toper Blue 2-0 to setup a final with Lancashire B. 

The final was the first to three wins with all the races being hotly contested. The RHS team came out on top, winning the first race with a 1, 2, 6 combination. They improved this slightly in the second race with 1, 2, 5 and completely dominated the third race finishing 1st, 2nd and 3rd to take the title and win the HMY Britannia Gig's Yoke.  

Afterwards, Sarah commented, “It was a good regatta and we're really pleased with the result. The light wind conditions weren't ideal for us, but we concentrated well and our teamwork pulled us through." 

Director of Sailing, Ed Sibson, said "The teams have had a fantastic weekend, bringing home two of the four trophies. RHS last won this championship in 2014 and we're delighted to be adding the school's name to the list of winners once again. Sarah, Tom and Merryn sailed exceptionally well, losing just one race all weekend, and fully deserved to win."