Report by Mrs Routledge, Director of MUN 

This half-term delegates have competed at two Model United Nations conferences at Felsted and Cobham Hall. 


The Felsted conference, held at the end of February, was a two-day conference with a number of delegates “new” to full conferences. Delegates began in committee rooms debating topics including the impact of Roe v Wade, changes to Saudi Arabian economic policy, addressing vaccination reluctance, preserving ecosystems in the Arctic and preventing child slavery and labour. 

With quite large committee rooms, it was important for delegates to make their knowledge and understanding of the topics known in order to be seen and it was great to see both new and experienced delegates taking their first steps in speaking in front of their committees. 

On the second day, committees were merged and ended with an emergency General Assembly debate which delegates spent the lunchtime lobbying over. 

Many congratulations to Rupert C-W who won a Commended Delegate award in the Health committee, having prepared an impressive resolution on addressing the reluctance over vaccinations. 


Twelve delegates, including four who were attending their first conference, recently travelled to Cobham Hall to take part in their climate-themed conference, with the responsibility of representing two P5 countries (UK and China), as well as Mozambique and Switzerland.  

All of the delegates quickly got stuck in and it was wonderful to see the newcomers making their first points of information and find their feet so professionally. It’s clear that there is a lot of upcoming talent that we have yet to scratch the surface of! Special mention at this point to both Zane L, Adorabelle O and George R, who all made points of information in their committees as well as in the General Assembly, in front of the entire conference which is a great feat. 

Topics ranged from water security and cyber warfare in Security Council, Food Security and Children’s Privacy online in Human Rights, Decarbonisation and Desertification in UNEP to 

Marijuana and Assisted Suicide in the Office of Drugs and Crime. All the delegates worked well with the delegates around them, whilst trying to accurately represent the opinions of their states. 

After the committees, a mock-crisis was announced; that China had made a claim on Mongolia. The delegates representing China allied themselves with other states to fight their corner but were ultimately overruled in their resolution in attempting to justify these “actions”. The rest of the delegations joined forces to ensure that “normality” was restored. 

Many congratulations to the following delegates who won awards: 

Oliver G-D who won Best Delegate in his committee (China in the UN Environment Programme) 

Rupert C-W as China in Security Council won Best Delegate for his committee (Rupert is now 3 for 3 in terms of awards at conferences!) 

Tilly J who won Highly Commended in Human Rights as China.