MFL Pen Pals


Spanish pen pal

MFL pupils in Years 7 and 8 learning Spanish had the opportunity over the duration of last term to become pen pals with students at Sacred Heart School in Salamanca, Spain.  

Using their Spanish knowledge and skills learnt throughout the year, pupils drafted and wrote letters to their Spanish counterparts, with the Sacred Heart School recently receiving these letters after the Easter Break. 

The school recently tweeted, “En Secundaria, hemos recibido la primera carta de nuestros pen-pals de @RHSSuffolk. Os enviamos un saludo y nos ponemos a escribir la respuesta.” Which translates as, “In secondary, we have received the first letters from our pen-pals at RHS. We say hello and will begin writing our responses!”.  

Below are some quotes from the pupil's work, discussing topics such as their birthdays, where they live and their favourite TV shows: 

“Tengo trece años y mi cumpleaños es el 13 de Septembre. ¿Cuantos años tienes y cuando es tu cumpleaños?” 
“I am thirteen years old and my birthday is the 13th September. How old are you and when is your birthday?” 

“Vivo en Colchester en Inglaterra. Normalmente hace mal tiempo pero ahora hace sol.” 
“I live in Colchester in England. Normally, the weather is bad but now it is sunny.” 

“Mi serie de cumpleaños favorita es Pretty Little Liars.” 
“My favourite TV series is Pretty Little Liars.” 

The pupils enjoyed this experience and look forward to hearing from their Spanish peers.