Mental Health Awareness

Mental Health Awareness


Mental Health Awareness Week falls between May 15th and 21st and we are acknowledging this year's theme of "Anxiety" with a special focus on providing tips and advice to relieve exam and test anxiety.  

Resources, worksheets and information leaflets have been distributed to the houses for staff to support our exam year pupils during the challenges of the upcoming important exams.The advice includes: 

 💤 Getting enough sleep 
 🍎 Eating healthy foods  
 🚶 Taking time to relax 
 😀 Maintaining a positive mindset 

To further recognise Mental Health Awareness Week, each house has also received a Wellbeing gift consisting of thought-provoking question cards.These cards aim to facilitate constructive, positive and helpful conversations. 

Find out more about #RHSWellbeing here: Wellbeing Page