Meet Our Cricket Captains

Meet Our Cricket Captains


Introducing Maisy, the Girls' 1st XI cricket captain in Year 13. Maisy has been playing cricket since Year 6 and enjoys the team spirit and positive environment that surrounds the sport. In addition to playing for the RHS 1st X1, she is also a member of the Copdock Cricket Club. 

When asked about her plans as captain, Maisy replied, "For me, it's all about enjoyment and team confidence. I will encourage the team to work together by communicating, complimenting and practising as much as possible so that we can win and have fun." 

Maisy also commented that she has been able to reach a high standard in cricket thanks to the encouragement and positivity of the RHS coaches. 

After completing her studies at RHS, Maisy is planning to take a gap year to become a ski instructor. Following that, she hopes to study Marketing Management at university and join the university cricket and hockey teams. 

Maisy is a great role model for aspiring female cricketers and her passion for the sport, dedication to her team and positive attitude make her an excellent captain.  

We also introduce Charlie, the Boys' 1st XI cricket captain in Year 13. He started playing cricket at the age of 2 or 3, and he enjoys a ‘run chase’ when playing cricket. (A ‘run chase’ is when the side batting last needs to score a certain number of runs to win). 

Charlie comments, “As captain I would like to do well in the T20 competition, hopefully winning the competition for the Suffolk region. Also, I would like to do my best at welcoming the new young pupils into first XI cricket.  

RHS has helped me because I always have access to the gym, which is very helpful in the winter. On top of this I was able to work with Mr Napier a lot over the winter, such as lunchtimes, study periods and after school. The school was also flexible with allowing me to play 2XI games last year for Essex, during the Summer Term.” 

Outside of RHS Charlie plays for Colchester and Essex. He hopes to play professionally and one day would like to be able to play alongside his brother. 

We wish them both all the best in their future endeavours, both on and off the cricket field.