Mathematics Scholarship

Mathematics Scholarship


If your child is currently in Year 11 and has a strong passion for mathematics, the De Neumann Mathematics Scholarship is worth a serious consideration. Every two years, RHS is able to offer a scholarship, of up to 100%, to a child from either Essex or Suffolk who is intending to study mathematics and/or further mathematics at A Level. 

Our founding mission of 'improving navigation' is deeply rooted in mathematics and navigational science, producing leaders in these fields for over 300 years. This tradition continues today amongst many of our alumni who have studied Mathematics and gone on to apply it within roles in commerce, industry, science and technology. 

Professor Bernard de Neumann (1943-2018) was a former RHS pupil who was passionate about the history and continuing relevance of mathematics at the school. In 2019, the school received a gift from his estate to support the continued development of the subject. Thanks to this gift, we are able to support gifted young mathematicians by giving them the life-changing opportunity to join our sixth form. 

Applicants should: 

  • Have a strong interest in mathematics (essential) 

  • Have competed in UKMT Mathematical Challenges (desirable) 

  • Be looking at a career in mathematics or engineering (desirable) 

  • Have a high predicted grade in mathematics and a strong reference (essential) 

  • Currently attend a state school (essential) 

Candidates will sit a test covering GCSE Mathematics material plus attend an interview with the Head of Mathematics and the Head of Sixth Form. 

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