Language Week

Language Week


Language Week Celebration 

Last week we celebrated languages across the school. We are very fortunate at RHS to welcome pupils from different cultures with over 27 nationalities represented! We have some fantastic linguists amongst our pupil and staff body, with many speaking more than one language.  

Events were organised throughout the week in lessons, tutor time, within our boarding and day Houses, in the dining hall and on social media – we even had a special Chapel service! It was wonderful to see so many of us embrace languages and take part in our activities and challenges. Being curious and reaching out to others in other languages allowed us to learn a little bit more about each other and brought us closer as a school and community.  

Isabella – Y13  

“It not only helped us to learn more about the different languages teachers within the school speak, it also got pupils working together and asking questions they usually wouldn’t!” 

Amber – Y11  

“The activities this week solidified my interest in international culture, and I now want to learn more. I especially enjoyed the colourful displays down the language corridor. I’d love to see more of what we’ve done this week again!!"

Stefani – Y11  

“The challenges were interesting and inspired me to learn new things about many different languages." 

Niece – Y11  

“The challenges throughout this week really helped my interest and knowledge in languages to expand.”