High Achieving Boys

High Achieving Boys


International pupils amongst top performers 

Hugh Wan, Daniil and Denis Dildyaev were amongst some of our top performing boys, a remarkable achievement when you consider that they are sitting GCSEs in a non-native language. 

Daniil and Denis, twins, both gained a superb set of GCSEs including a good number of grade 8s and 9s. Daniil is going on to study A Levels in Computing, Physics and Mathematics whilst Denis has chosen Economics, Mathematics and Physics. 

The boys joined RHS in Year 8 as international full boarders and have fully thrown themselves into boarding school life. They have particularly enjoyed balancing their studies with playing all the core sports of cricket, hockey and rugby and have taken up many new opportunities.  

Daniil was selected to be part of the Combined Cadet Force Guard and has particularly enjoyed debating; he has been selected to be Secretary-General in the school’s Model United Nations next year. He aspires to study Computer Science, Cybersecurity and Programming at university. 

Denis particularly enjoys kickboxing and basketball at RHS and has been part of the very successful basketball team. He plans to join the School Band as a drummer this year also.  
Hugh Wan joined RHS in Year 9 as a full boarder from Hong Kong and has achieved a fabulous set of GCSEs, which included grade 9s in Biology, Chemistry and Physics and grade 8s in Computing, Design & Technology and Mathematics. Hugh will be going on to study A Levels in Biology, Chemistry and Mathematics with a view to studying biomedical sciences at university. 

Hugh has fully involved himself in all aspects of boarding school life at RHS, particularly enjoying participation in basketball, Combined Cadet Force (Army & RAF) and house activities. As an international student from Hong Kong, Hugh was not able to return home for two years during the pandemic so spent a considerable amount of time at school and with his aunt in London, a challenging time for someone of such a young age.