Heads of School

Heads of School
From left to right; Rose Dixon, Joshua Okoruwa, Isabella Bunnag, Oliver Woods, Grace Gardiner and Toby Chavasse 

From left to right; Rose Dixon, Joshua Okoruwa, Isabella Bunnag, Oliver Woods, Grace Gardiner and Toby Chavasse

Heads of School Announcement  

We are delighted to announce that our Heads of School this year are Isabella Bunnag and Toby Chavasse, supported by the Deputy Heads of School, Rose Dixon, Grace Gardiner, Joshua Okoruwa and Oliver Woods. The Heads of School are such an important part of our community and we can’t wait to see their positive impact on the school.  

As a team they aim to ensure that all pupils feel comfortable and happy at school, whilst encouraging them to get involved in as much as they can to build their confidence. They wish to create a positive and supportive atmosphere so that pupils feel confident enough to take part in things they enjoy. They acknowledge the pandemic effect and will work hard to restore and revive the sense of community and traditions at RHS. 

We asked the new Heads of School how they felt to be chosen. Here are their comments:    

Isabella Bunnag: “Although there is a lot of responsibility and pressure that comes with this role, I am excited to take on the challenge and try to uphold the traditions within the school and support all of my peers.”  

Toby Chavasse: “What is nice about being Head of School is the opportunities you have to get to know other pupils and help them in any way you can. It allows you to build relationships around the school with both staff and pupils, and I feel grateful that this role allows me to get to know the school community.” 

Rose Dixon: “When I was chosen as Deputy Head of School, I felt a sense of pride as it meant that I could give something back to the school which has got me to the place where I am today.” 

Grace Gardiner: “I personally feel very proud to have been given the role of Deputy Head of School; it comes with a fair amount of pressure but, so far, I am thoroughly enjoying it.” 

Joshua Okoruwa: "If somebody had told me that I would have been appointed as a senior prefect five years ago, I never would have believed them. In Year 8, when Adam Warren was Head Boy, he told me that it was never too late to become a prefect. This one comment motivated me to make an effort to positively impact the school. As the years went on, I became more involved in the school community, from being in the Corps of Drums to debating. I’m incredibly grateful for the opportunity to help lead the school throughout the course of this academic year. I want to leave a lasting legacy for the younger pupils to remember as the years go on. I also want to be remembered for my kindness and willingness to help at all times.” 

Oliver Woods: “It is a great privilege to hold any position of responsibility, whether it be as a prefect or as Head of Section in the CCF. To be given the chance to work even more closely with a small group of people to improve the school is amazing.” 

Future aspirations 

Isabella would like to study liberal arts as well as enjoying some travelling.  

Toby aims to study biochemistry, leading to a career in academia, focusing on neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s.  

Rose hopes to study biochemistry and potentially go on to have a career in biological research. 

Grace aims to study international relations in the hopes of joining the United Nations or Foreign Office. 

Joshua aspires to study either a business-related course at Loughborough or an apprenticeship. He also hopes to qualify for national competitions in athletics, specialising in high jump and sprint hurdles. 

Oliver hopes to study Spanish and Russian at Cambridge and then join the Royal Marines.