Gold DofE: Lake District


Gold DofE: Lake District 

Report by Grace Gardiner, Deputy Head Girl. 

Over the course of six days in July, nine pupils in Years 12 & 13 took part in their gold DofE expedition. For eight people, this was their assessment and for one this was their training expedition. 

When we arrived in the Lake District things were not looking optimistic since Archie had somehow managed to lose the map on the bus, however this was shortly found in his bag! We managed to get on with preparing to begin one of the most challenging DofE expeditions the school has run.  

Walking over 65km and climbing three thousand and forty-one meters in extreme heat, this was not quite what we had signed up for. However, despite the challenging climbs everyone managed to keep their moral high by stopping frequently, eating plenty of sweets, and singing some slightly out of tune acapella songs.  

In the warm evenings it was time for over competitive card games, with Tom somehow managing to win nearly every game by cheating and James who decided to do some very questionable wood carvings of the teachers, nearly cutting his fingers off in the process.  

However, everyone returned to school in good condition! 

We would like to thank Mr. Ryan, Mr. Weaver and Mr. Hawkins for not only taking us on this trip but also for putting up with us and our craziness for six days. DofE is a fantastic opportunity to undertake, and I highly recommend that everyone give it a go, it pushes you out of your comfort zone and makes you stronger for doing so. 

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