Global Perspective

Global Perspective


Prefect Talk: Global Perspective 

Prefects, Josh O and Millie L, spoke in this week's assembly about our current theme of ‘Global Perspectives’, specifically highlighting the World Cup in Qatar. 

“The world cup football has started; events like these bring many cultures together. Fans can witness new experiences and players can showcase their talents on a world stage. Football as a sport holds great significance to communities all around the world and can connect people from all walks of life. This event can also hold a deeper meaning, like in Argentina, where many feel this event is a chance to bring some good news back home, despite the political and economic issues occurring currently.  

These examples highlight the ability to improve global perspective through identity and cultural diversity. Being open to the culture of others helps us to understand different beliefs, experiences and viewpoints. This gives us a better understanding and can provide us with a greater sense of compassion.  

With a wider global awareness of culture, we could witness a more peaceful world. The World Cup gives us an opportunity to become more culturally aware, however it is important to look at the story in its entirety. 

The media has enlightened us on the harsh reality of Qatar as a country and the human rights crisis occurring there. Many of you may not know, but thousands of workers died during the construction of the stadiums for the event. According to Voice of America, this is far more than any run up to every other World Cup or Olympic Games in the past 30 years combined. The stadiums were built by migrant workers who have the rights equal to modern day slaves. They receive physical penalties for avoiding work, there is severe deprivation of necessities, a lack of freedom, and evident psychological compulsion. According to The Guardian, security guards at the Doha World Cup car park claim they are only paid 35p an hour. The lack of regulation enforced by the government as well as the implementation of the Kafala system, means that workers’ lives are left in the hands of their employers, where profit maximisation is the only aim, and their human rights are non-existent. 

Whilst global events such as the World Cup brings many cultures together, can it be justified with the human rights violations which have happened? Definitely not. However, if we continue to question issues like this and gain a wider global perspective, we can fuel future change for the better. 

If you simply listen and engage with individuals with different perspectives, we will all be one step closer to igniting change. Having a global perspective can create a better world for all of us and it starts by listening.”