Global Coffee

Geography teachers learn about global coffee industry

The Geography Department have created their own blend of custom coffee while researching the impact of climate change on the coffee industry.

Each day in the UK, 98 million cups of coffee are consumed with beans being supplied from around the globe; more than 58% of countries produce coffee in some capacity. Teachers from the Geography Department teamed up with local coffee roaster The Penny Roaster to better understand the environmental impact of the journey a coffee bean takes and the effects climate change is having on the coffee industry. They hope to feed this into a scheme of work that will teach pupils about the importance of being globally aware and responsible consumers, which is one of the school's educational aims.

They learnt that The Penny Roaster sources their beans from small scale farms, working directly with importers who have a personal relationship with the farmers. Traceability is a key element of the journey establishing a clear choice for the consumer who can select a blend based on their own aromatic and ethical choices.

After spending a morning tasting coffees from around the world they then created their own custom blend to help fuel them in the classroom. It was aptly named 'Oxbow Joe' and was even given its own logo to stamp on the bags. It has quickly become a favourite beverage in the department and you can often find staff in the Geo Hub at break times chatting all things global over a mug of their new brew

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