Gig Night


Gig Night 

Our first Gig Night of the year, ably organised by Ms Double, included a variety of music genres including rock, pop and country. Pupils of all ages performed solo, in a duo or as part of a band, with the house band (made up of Charlie R, Ed R, Lex A, Mia D, Lee O, Jameson H and Oli AA) supporting many of the acts.  

The evening opened with Jake A singing ‘Roll with It’ (Oasis), followed by Ned C singing ‘Can’t Stop’ (Red Hot Chili Peppers), and Izzy B reviving the spirit of pop punk with ‘Sk8ter Boi’ (Avril Lavigne).  

Later in the evening, Joe & Co. performed ‘R U Mine?’ (Arctic Monkeys), Kiera W added a country twist with ‘Before He Cheats’ (Carrie Underwood) and the Bruno Mars theme continued from last year with Tanatswa AD singing ‘Grenade’ and Raphael O performing ‘When I Was Your Man’.  

This was preceded by ‘All the good girls go to hell’ (Billie Eilish) sung by Emily H, who was also playing guitar. Lydia M gave a passionate rendition of Mercy (Duffy) and returned with Scarlet A to perform a duet of ‘Survivor’ (Destiny’s Child), accompanied by Carrie B on the violin.  

Georgina L gave us a blast from the past, singing ‘Message in a Bottle’ (The Police), as did Daniel O, who sang ‘Vienna’ (Billy Joel). Going back further in time, Jake A returned to sing ‘It’s Not Unusual’ (Tom Jones), accompanied by a brass section consisting of Jack E, Ed R and Oli C. 

There were a few slower pop ballads too, with Gaby O singing ‘Fight Song’ (Rachel Platten), Martha K with ‘1 step forward, 3 steps back’ (Olivia Rodrigo) and Hebe M with 'Wings’ (Birdy). Lacy F concluded the first half of Gig Night with a powerful ‘All I Ask’ (Adele). 

After the interval, the Pop Choir sang ‘Only You’ (Yahoo) a cappella, followed by Sam F with ‘Impossible’ (James Arthur), whilst the audience waved their phone lights around the hall. 

Louisa S & Hannah S sang a duet of ‘Rolling in the Deep’ (Adele) and Ayoola O sang emotively with ‘Rise Up’ (Andra Day). To top off the emotional ballads, Erin K sang Strange (Celeste), accompanied by both Carrie B and Johannes J on violin. 

The night concluded with two great songs: ‘Say It Ain’t So’ (Weezer), performed by Joe A, Tony A, Charlie R and Ed R and a classic Beatles' track, 'Twist and Shout' by Jake A.