Pupil Eco-Initiative

Georgie Stammers, Year 12, has seen her eco-initiative come to fruition this week. With strong eco values and a desire to make a difference to her environment, she approached the Headmaster to ask if she could write to parents about turning their car engines off whilst waiting in the school car parks, which she did.   

She then went on to draft some posters, which the school’s Marketing Department graphically designed to make them look in keeping with the school’s brand identity. Our Operations Team then fitted them to weatherproof sign boxes and placed them around the school campus.   

This initiative is a great example of collaboration between departments to bring a pupil initiative to fruition, and supports our whole school focus this year on Global Awareness, Citizenship and Sustainability. Her highly commendable actions have also been rewarded with a Service Award (school colour).    

"I am really pleased that my eco-initiative has been adopted by the school - it may only seem like a small initiative in a global context, but if everyone does something, we can all make a difference to help protect our environment."