EAL Essay Competition

EAL Essay Competition


EAL Essay Competition

Every year, there is an essay writing competition for international pupils at schools across the East of England, with prizes this year awarded for Key Stage 3 and then each year group from Year 10 upwards.  

The question this year was, "What role do rules and regulations play in the formation of a society?" 

There were lots of entries from our pupils, with two winning their category. Bailey W in KS3 and Marco RV in Year 10. They both receive a £15 Amazon voucher as a prize. 

Find their essays below:   


Bailey W, Year 7    

What would a school be like without rules? A mess? Students fighting? Bullying? Or any kind of what students can’t normally do?  

At first of all, it is a fact that without rules in a classroom, this would be a disaster. I would like to consider the rules in a classroom. It’s simple, isn’t it. Think of what rules are in a classroom: Sitting properly, raise your hand up if you need to ask a question or answer the teacher, no shouting, or listening to the teacher, etc. Can you imagine a classroom without these rules? Without the rules, do you think the students like to do homework or having exams, studying? Well, don’t you dare even think of it. The answer is no. Maybe they will start shouting, bringing their phones or computer to watch videos or play games, or maybe even blame the teachers, or the classmates. It would be a mess.  

Secondly, the next thing I would like to talk about is the rules in a boarding house. If there are no rules in a boarding house, then everyone can do whatever they want, same as the rules in a classroom. They could take their phones and computer and play video games until midnight, as there are no rules, no one will do revision or do homework. After lights out, boarders will probably go to bed. I believe that some of them might still have a party, or pillow fight, or maybe even worse than what you can imagine.   

Back in my school, I am also a boarder. When there is a room inspection, we need to tidy up our room properly, so that when my Matron comes, she won’t give a sanction to me. If there is a terribly un- tidy room, a sanction will probably show up on your computer or surface. There would definitely be some messy rooms if there were no rules in a boarding house.   

There is no doubt that no rules in a school will be a mess, or could be the worst school in the world. In Summary, we may say that if there are no rules, students or people can do whatever they want, wherever they want. However, students might be happy if there is a school with no rules. For them, it might be paradise. For me, or teachers, or parents, they will probably think it is a disaster. In my opinion, if there is a school with no rules, I might want to try to stay there for one night, to see how it goes.   


Marco RV, Year 10 

Society is commonly defined as a group of individuals involved in the same social group sharing the same social territory, typically using the same political authority, culture, and laws.  

Regulations are defined as rules by the government and trends that are used to protect and give benefits to people in economic growth, they can also help businesses and the environment. Also, regulations are one of the primary ways governments can achieve their targets.  

Rules or laws serve a crucial role in society because they work as a norm of conduct for citizens. They were also made so we can live in a safe environment and to provide order and behavior among the citizens. Without rules, we would live in a completely other society where everything would be chaos and it would be survival of the fittest apart from that it would not be an ideal style of life for most of society.  

In conclusion, many people believe that the society in which we are living without laws and regulations would be a society in a state of chaos for example stealing would be a massive issue due to the ability of a person to walk into your house and steal all of your belongings with no consequence or in the worst of case someone could take another one's life, and no one would be punished for that action. This clearly shows that it would not be pleasant without laws or regulations on planet earth.