DofE Gold Celebration

DofE Gold Celebration


Fifteen amazing RHS pupils had the privilege of attending Buckingham Palace to celebrate their Gold Duke of Edinburgh's (DofE) Awards. 

During this extraordinary event, guests had the opportunity to listen to inspiring stories from DofE alumni and renowned award holders. They also enjoyed engaging in lawn games and activities. 

The RHS pupils were incredibly fortunate to have a personal interaction with the Duke of Edinburgh himself. He stopped right in front of them and engaged in a conversation about their awards, even remarking, "Oh yes, I know the Royal Hospital School." 

We are very proud of our Gold Award holders.

Current RHS pupils and RHS alumni: 

  • Charlotte  
  • Sarah  
  • Jaz  
  • Carrick  
  • Tom   
  • Muiris   
  • Giles   
  • Joel   
  • Olivia  
  • Annis   
  • Callum  
  • Bertie   
  • Eve  
  • Laura  
  • Jasmine 
  • Arabella 


"It was lovely to celebrate this achievement at the Palace with my father and other pupils, some of whom had left last year and I have not seen for some time. It was fun to chat about our different experiences of the Gold expedition - some got suntans but I got snow!" - Callum, Yr13 

"It was amazing to receive the recognition of the four years it took to achieve Bronze, Silver and Gold Duke of Edinburgh's Awards at Buckingham Palace. DofE has prepared me for all walks of life: the expeditions and residential prepared me for basic training when I joined the Royal Marines Band Service, volunteering as a leader in Scouts encouraged leadership qualities that are always useful, and the physical portion helped me keep both physically and mentally fit during A Levels. Overall, DofE is an amazing opportunity at RHS and I am really glad I took advantage of it!" - Carrick (RHS alumnus, now a member of the Royal Marines Band) 

"I was honoured to share such a special day at Buckingham Palace with my daughter as we celebrated her achieving her Gold DofE alongside other pupils from RHS. They have all done so fabulously well. A day to remember with pride." - Jane (Mother of Sarah) 

"Being at Buckingham Palace and meeting Prince Edward was truly a day I won’t forget and such an honour. But for me, being able to celebrate the success and catch up with fellow RHS pupils that I haven’t seen in a while was the best part - being surrounded by beautiful gardens was a bonus. A huge thank you to all the CCF team for the time they spent supporting us in achieving this award and motivating us along the way. To anyone thinking about doing their DofE, please don’t hesitate; you will make memories for life... such as singing 'Bohemian Rhapsody' at the top of the Peak District. Worthwhile in so many ways." - Jaz  (RHS alumna) 

"My sincere thanks to Mr Ryan, Mr Weaver and all the staff involved in DofE at RHS for all that you do year in, year out. Gaining the Gold DofE is no easy feat; it requires hard work, commitment and being rigorously challenged. It also requires an element of voluntary service, a commitment to physical exercise and learning a skill over an extended period. So to be surrounded by so many young people celebrating their Gold DofE Award at Buckingham Palace on Monday, May 15th, was quite something, and to know my son was among that group made me feel very proud indeed. We were lucky enough to have a few words with the Duke of Edinburgh himself; it is good to know he is as passionate about the award as his father was before him." - Cordelle (Parent of Joel, RHS alumnus) 

"It was an honour and privilege to attend the ceremony at Buckingham Palace on Monday. It was great to meet up with some of my fellow RHS DofE Award holders and Mr Ryan. We got to chat with the Duke of Edinburgh as he met the guests after his address. When he asked where I was from, I replied, 'Suffolk,' to which he responded, 'Whereabouts?' Of course, my answer had to be 'Royal Hospital School,' to which he replied, 'Of course, yes, how fabulous!' It seems a long time ago that I sailed my Gold expedition on the River Stour, and even longer ago since I began my DofE journey at RHS. It wasn't easy to carry on through Covid, but it has taught me to keep going, never give up, to set my sights high, be open to change, learn to adapt, and above all, be grateful for the wonderful opportunities I've had." - Bertie (RHS alumnus)