CCF Report

CCF Report


Pupils from different year groups spoke in assembly about their CCF experiences, and what each year holds for a cadet at RHS.  

Cadet Izzy B, Year 13: 

RHS is a formal member of the Combined Cadet Force (CCF). We have one of the largest Cadet Forces in the country covering all four sections, Royal Navy, Royal Marines, Army & the Royal Air Force with over 450 cadets.     

It is compulsory for everyone in Years 9 & 10 to be in the CCF & then voluntary in Years 11 to 13. 

Training takes place during the academic timetable for Year 9s and on Friday afternoons for Year 10s and above. 


Cadet Lex A, Year 9:  

I am a current Year 9 cadet, and this is my first year being in the cadets. At the start of the academic year, we are all issued with a military uniform and before we start any lesson we are inspected and given a score. This score goes towards our own and group totals for a competition that runs throughout the year. This teaches us self-discipline to ensure our boots are polished for every lesson and our uniform is worn smartly and correctly. 

Year 9 activities we have been taught: Dress & Turn out, Drill, Teamwork, Military Patrolling, how to put up a shelter, how to cook military rations (these actually do taste good). 

We are also taking part in the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award (DofE for short) Bronze scheme. 

We have three sections to complete online in our own spare time and then we will all go on an overnight expedition in the last week of June. Hopefully by then we will all qualify for our Bronze DofE Award. 


Cadet Tilly J, Year 11: 

I am currently a Year 11 cadet, and I decided that I would stay in the CCF this year even though it wasn’t compulsory. All Year 11 Army & Royal Marine Cadets this year are taking part in an NCO Course where we are being taught how to be leaders & to give CCF lessons to junior cadets. If we successfully pass this 4-term course, we should hopefully be promoted to Lance Corporal (1 Stripe) & then put our lessons into practice when we are in Year 12. 

The course will also enable us to become section commanders where we can lead sections of cadets on various activities when out on Field Days. 

More specifically in Year 11 we’re looking at: Method of Instruction & Practical Leadership tasks which we then apply to section Battle Drills & Ambush Drills. 


Cadet Ella N, Year 13: 

So, what’s going on in CCF this year? 

A CCF Range Day was held recently where all sections were given the opportunity to fire the Cadet Small Bore Target Rifle in the CCF Range. 

The RN section with elements of the Royal Marines & Royal Air Force sections are travelling down to Portsmouth this month to spend a day with the Royal Navy Fire Fighting & Ship Damage repair teams so good luck to those & I hope they don’t sink! 

CCF Field days in June will be our biennial inspection where a serving military officer comes to see the cadets training. This will be to inspect all the CCF sections carrying out a range of exciting activities. 

We have our American Exchange Cadets planning to come to RHS in June to train alongside us and then cadets from RHS will go over to America in the summer to train with them. 

CCF Summer Camp is being held near Liverpool this year during the first week of the summer holidays. 

Headquarter Royal Navy are holding their Summer Camp this year at RHS again with cadets coming from all over the country. 

What has CCF taught me? 

  • Courage 

  • Discipline 

  • Respect for Others 

  • Integrity 

  • Loyalty 

  • Selfless Commitment 

CCF Report from WO1 (RSM) Karl Weaver: 

On Sunday 5 March the CCF ran a Range Day using the school’s onsite CCF Range, where 40 cadets had the opportunity to shoot the 22 Cadet Small Bore Target Rifle (CSBTR).  

Each cadet had to pass a weapons handling test on the rifle before being allowed to shoot. They were then taught the four Marksmanship Principles that they put into good practice when they shoot.   

All 40 cadets passed with 12 gaining Marksmanship standard with the top shot of 50 out of 50 going to Cadet Hannah SU, in Year 11. 

Hannah SU pictured below: