The Visit

The Visit

Head of Drama, Damon Kerr, on RHS' latest triumph.

Death, moral corruption, grotesque and disturbing characters, moments of dark comedy, memorable music, striking costumes and a chilling ending. All of these were hallmarks of this year's play, the 1950's German tragicomedy 'The Visit', which tells the story of an unexceptional town and a mysterious visitor who makes an offer its people should really refuse.

The huge RHS Assembly Hall turned into a theatre last week with a cross-shaped stage dividing the audience into four, keeping them all close to the action and drawing them into a world of moral confusion.

Rosie G, Conall C, Amelia P, Amadi G and Jaz S all gave assured and confident performances, as both 'visitors' and 'visited' and were ably supported by a cast of thirty.

With truly professional lighting and sound designed by school technician, Miss Archard, operated by members of the backstage theatre club, this was a memorable production of an important play.

Drama at RHS continues to make original productions which offer audiences and performers a rich experience for the whole school to celebrate.