The Big COP26 Debate

GCSE geographers have been studying Deforestation and Climate Change this term and therefore followed with a keen interest the developments of COP 26. Representatives included environmentalists Greta Thunberg and Nemonte Nenquimo, the Presidents of America, Brazil, India, China and the Maldives and a UK Climatologist. To conclude the conference, we held our own COP 26 debate, discussing issues such as: 'Should we be worried about global warming?' and 'What can we do to keep 1.5 alive?'

To further develop their understanding Geography pupils joined forces with representatives from our Model United Nations and Eco-Committee in a live Skype meeting with Nicole Johnson, a Global Sustainability Consultant with Ernst Young, who told the group about all the different events at COP26, including events run by Youth Groups and answered some interesting and, at times, tricky questions posed by pupils including "do you think COP26 has been a success?" and "should the world be backing nuclear power?" It was great for pupils to be able to hear exactly what had been going on at the conference from someone who was actually there.

These initiatives have led to further use in lesson time, alongside providing tutor resources and sustainability practices in school. It is important that the world has a unified approach to stopping global warming and the conferences are a positive way to see what is happening.

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