Sportsmed Specialists

Sportsmed specialists to enhance pupil personal training programmes

We are delighted to announce that our new fitness suite and strength and conditioning room will be staffed by trained specialists from Sportsmed East who will instruct and supervise all school sessions under the title of Athletic Development Leaders.

Over 60 pupils from years 8-13 from across all sports have been invited into a Talent Performance Group. The ADL will work closely with these pupils in the strength and conditioning room providing key learning techniques to enhance their personal training programmes. This has been met with incredible enthusiasm from the pupils who are already seeing and feeling the benefits!

Athletic Development Leader Profiles

In his tenth year coaching. Phil helps young people become exceptional athletes, raising performance in sport and life. Phil is an Accredited Strength & Conditioning Coach with the UKSCA. He has supported athletes competing in numerous sports developing their physical performance enabling competition on a national and international stage. Phil has also helped prepare a number of athletes to earn sport scholarships in the UK, US and Canada.

Laura is a Graduate Sports Therapist and Certified Olympic Lifting Coach. She has previous experience working with athletes from a variety of sporting backgrounds such as; Football, Rugby, Netball, Show jumping and Australian Rules Football. Her professional skills are focused around injury prevention, rehabilitation, strength and conditioning as well as Pilates and Yoga instruction of athletes from grass roots through to a professional level.

Dan has been involved in the physical sciences for several years. He completed an undergraduate degree in Sport and Exercise Science and is in the process of completing a masters in strength and conditioning. Dan has worked in a variety of capacities which includes a rehabilitation referral system from numerous clinicians, as part of a multi-disciplinary sport science team and now predominantly work as a strength and conditioning coach. Dan currently works with a range of athletes with various goals from working with world cup medalists in skiing, ITFC, semi professional to aspiring elite rugby players, professional volleyball players to university athletes/scholars. Dan also combines strength and conditioning work with technical rugby coaching.