Southwold Geography Trip

Southwold Geography Trip

At the end of this term our Year 12 A Level geographers all piled into minibuses and trundled down to the Southwold coast for a field trip.

The first part of their day was spent down on the beach, although getting down to the beach proved quite challenging with some achieving the feat more gracefully than others! Interestingly the steep ledge they were now required to jump down was a mere step a few weeks before when Miss Izod had visited, a recent storm surge had scoured the beach of it's material making this the first observation of the day.

A pupil commented, "Throughout the course of the morning what looked a normal beach was transformed into a physical example of our entire coastal geography syllabus by our teachers, allowing all of us to get a much clearer understanding and begin to make links we would not have thought of in the classroom."

After a quick break for fish and chips break our intrepid explorers drove up to Southwold Village to look at the visible regeneration. There they were given three main tasks to complete; a bi-polar survey, a questionnaire and an area study.

"Being able to discuss with locals who live in the area about their opinions of their town gave a special insight that no textbook could give you. We would like to thank all the geography teachers for their hard work and effort they put into making this trip beneficial and also enjoyable."