Sewing for Smiles

Sewing for smiles: Happy Child International, Brazil

Happy Child International is a charity based in Recife, one of the largest metropolitan regions of northern Brazil, that works to rescue, rehabilitate and reintegrate street and at risk children back into their families and communities. Tragically, 42% of the population of Recife lives on the poverty line earning only half of the minimum Brazilian wage and just 35% of people have access to basic sanitation.

Year 9 pupils at the Royal Hospital School hand-made colourful t-shirts and tops for the girls aged between 13 and 17 years being supported by the charity.

Sarah Watney of Happy Child International said, “The girls loved the designs and colours of the tops and their uniqueness. They have very little, so knowing that someone in England made these clothes for them means a lot. They will also treasure the cards written by pupils. They have done such a beautiful thing that has brought some happiness to these teenagers who have been rejected by their families and have nowhere else to live, thank you.”