Royal Hospital School Drummers Play at the Royal Variety Show

Royal Hospital School's music department is full of excitement today as the school's corps drummers recorded their performance for The Royal Variety Show last night. The school was represented by four pupils who are usually part of the school's marching band. The boys are aged 15-18 and have worked for years to earn their highly sought-after positions in the band.

The band was asked to take part in the show to accompany former pupil Jon Courtenay while he performed at the Royal Variety Show as part of his prize for winning this year's Britain's Got Talent. Jon attended Royal Hospital School from 1984-1991. He loved the school and is still incredibly proud of its heritage and his time there.

"I'll always be so grateful for having the opportunity to attend such a brilliant school. It allowed me to flourish musically and gave me the confidence to think anything is possible."

In June this year Jon came to the school to give a virtual concert for the pupils leaving in the summer following completion of their A Levels. His performance was recorded and shared with the pupils as part of a virtual leavers event. He formed a close working relationship with the school's band master Luke Allen and they stayed in touch. Together they formulated a plan to incorporate the Corps of Drums into the Royal Variety Show as part of his performance.

Luke and his band have been working tirelessly to perfect their performance. Luke said of his team, "I'm so proud of the boys, they've shown incredible focus and dedication in practising what is a very technical and difficult routine."

The band were in great company with other performers including Gary Barlow, Mel C and Celeste at the Blackpool Opera House.

The Royal Variety Show will be broadcast on ITV1 on the 8th December.