RHS Ran 168 Co-curricular Activities This Term

At Royal Hospital School we place great importance on academic achievement but what goes on outside the classroom is equally as important. Our co-curricular activities give our pupils a chance to try new things, pursue their passions and develop as an individual. We find that our pupils gain confidence, new friends and a broader outlook by participating in a wide range of activities.

The pandemic has been hugely challenging for schools and running activities has been impacted by government restrictions including year group bubbles and social distancing. Yet, undaunted the resilience of our staff and our Assistant head of Co-curricular Brian Martineau have come to the fore and they've managed to run 168 co-curricular activities safely for our pupils this term.

In non-Covid times the number of activities we make available for our pupils is more like 200, so the majority have still gone ahead much to the delight of our pupils.

We encourage pupils to take part in at least 2activities a week and our tutors at the school support pupils in making their choices and encouraging them to try something new.

It's not all sport! We have everything from Mandarin and knitting to photography and eco-committee.

The full list of what is available is here:


Business Enterprise Club

Chess Club

Coding Club

Cooking Club

Creative Writing (Year 7)

Creative Writing (Year 8)

Creative Writing (Year 9)

European Film Club

Fantastic Fest (Film Club)

Film Club

Film Club (Year 11)

Greek Club

Junior Debating

Junior Enterprise Club

Mandarin (beginners)

Mandarin Club

Maths Clinic (year 12)

Maths Clinics

Maths CMG

MUN training

Not so 'Bored' Games Club

PenPal Project

Psychology 'Beyond the Spec'

Psychology Club

Reading Club

RHS Bubble

Senior Classics Club

TeenTech (STEM Club - 10, 11, 12)

TeenTech (STEM Club - 7, 8, 9)

Theology Society & Christian Union (10)

Theology Society & Christian Union (11)

Touch-Typing Club (Year 7)

Touch-Typing Club (Year 8)

Touch-Typing Club (Year 9)


Climbing (Year 10 - 13)

Climbing (Year 7)

Climbing (Year 8)

Climbing (Year 9)


Rifle Club

Wellbeing Walks

Art (Remote Learning)

Art Club (year 10 GCSE - Wednesday)

Art Club (year 11 GCSE - Friday)

Art 'Open Studio' (year 12/13 Monday)

Art 'Open Studio' (year 12/13 Thursday)

Backstage Club (Year 10)

Backstage Club (Year 12)

Backstage Club (Year 13)

Backstage Club (Year 7)

Backstage Club (Year 8)

Backstage Club (Year 9)


Greenpower Kitcar

Knitting Club


Ballet (Grade 4)

Ballet Grade 6


Advanced String Group

Band (Monday)

Band (Tuesday)

Big Band

Brass Ensemble

Chamber Choir

Chapel choir

Classical Guitar Ensemble

Gospel Choir

Intermediate String Ensemble

Junior Orchestra

Music Theatre Group (Year 12-13)

Music Theatre Group (Year 7-11)

Musicianship Surgery


Senior Corps of Drums

Ukulele Club


Amnesty International

Eco-Committee - fortnightly meeting

Infant swim Monday

Infant Swim Wednesday


Saturday Sailing

Year 10 Boys & Girls Cricket

Year 10 Boys Boarders Week A

Year 10 Climbing

Year 10 Girls Boarders Week A

Year 10 Mixed Touch Rugby

Year 10 Rounders

Year 10 Sailing

Year 10 Strength & Conditioning

Year 10 Tennis

Year 10 X-co

Year 11 Boys Boarders Week B

Year 11 Girls Boarders Week B

Year 11-13 Boys & Girls Cricket

Year 11-13 Climbing

Year 11-13 Kayaking

Year 11-13 Mixed Hockey

Year 11-13 Mixed Touch Rugby

Year 11-13 Rounders

Year 11-13 Strength & Conditioning

Year 11-13 Tennis

Year 11-13 X-co

Year 12 & 13 Boys Boarders Week B

Year 12 & 13 Girls Boarders Week B

Year 7 Boarders Week A

Year 7 Boys Rugby

Year 7 Girls Hockey

Year 8 Boys Boarders Week A

Year 8 Boys Rugby

Year 8 Girls Boarders Week A

Year 8 Girls Hockey

Year 9 Boys & Girls Cricket

Year 9 Boys Boarders Week A

Year 9 Climbing

Year 9 Girls Boarders Week A

Year 9 Mixed Touch Rugby

Year 9 Rounders

Year 9 Sailing

Year 9 Strength & Conditioning

Year 9 Tennis

Year 9 X-co

1st XI hockey training

1st XV rugby training

2nd XI hockey training

2nd XV rugby training


Cycling Club

Darts Club

Fitness suite (Sunday - session 1)

Fitness suite (Sunday - session 2)


HIIT Workout

Hockey Club Juniors

Hockey Club Seniors

Horse Riding Monday AS

Horse Riding Tuesday AS

Horse riding Tuesday games

Horse Riding Wednesday AS

Horse Riding Weds Games


Netball Seniors

Netball Yr 10

Netball Yr 7

Netball Yr 9

Netball Yrs 8

Racquet Ball


Running Club


Squash Club

Swimming Club

Tennis coaching

Tennis Recreational


U14 hockey training

U14 Rugby Training

U14B Rugby Training

U15 hockey training

U15 rugby Training

U15B Boys Hockey

U16 Rugby training

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