Pringle Trophy 2014

Impressive performance by Royal Marine CCF cadets at 2014 Pringle Trophy

The 9-strong Royal Marines CCF Cadets Pringle Team spent the weekend at the Commando Training Centre at Lympstone, competing with 17 other teams for the Pringle Trophy.

Led by Cameron F, the RHS team produced the best all round team performance for many years. Although RHS did not finish in the top 3 at the end of the competition – teamwork, leadership and sheer determination saw them win one Stand outright (Camouflage & Concealment); joint top in another (Tyrolean Traverse) and placed second in two more (Observation and the Battle Exercise).

The finale on was a run through the mud of the Royal Marines Endurance Course on Woodbury Common. This started with a freezing plunge through the infamous water tunnel, known as the Sheep Dip, and this test of courage was followed by an all-out team run through mud, gorse and heather, which included crawling through tunnels and wading deep ponds.

In the spluttered gasped words of one of the team at the finish "that was the hardest thing I have ever done!"

All members of the team may feel justifiably proud of their performance.

Cdt CSgt Cameron F (Team Leader)
Cdt CSgt Matt B
Cdt Sgt Liam C
Cdt Sgt Sean C
Cdt Cpl Matt K
Cdt Cpl Toby E
Cdt Cpl Anush R
Cdt LCpl Jamie E
Cdt LCpl Will H