Plastic Christmas

We wish you a happy eco-sustainable Christmas

Pupils at the Royal Hospital School, Holbrook, are expounding their commitment to eco-sustainability in the run up to Christmas.

The school's Eco-committee made up of pupils across the year groups, have collected in the region of 1,000 plastic water bottles in less than two weeks and used these to create a Christmas tree to raise awareness around reliance on plastic waste. The tree has pride position in the school's dining hall for the whole school community to see. In addition to the tree, the eco-committee have also decorated the main school corridor with an under-the-water style display highlighting the types of ocean pollution that impact on waters around the world.

Mrs Izod Miller, Head of Geography and the Eco-Committee, said ''Far too often we underestimate the power of individual actions, we hear cries of 'what can I do to make a difference?', 'how much impact can I really have'? This project aims to raise awareness of our need to be more sustainable and the vast amount of single-use plastic in our lives. The displays are designed to be a statement, a reminder of the true cost of plastic on our environment and the massive impact a few individuals can have. I am immensely proud of the tireless efforts of the Eco-Committee, especially project leads Finn Corcoran and Alistair Ng and the Design and Technology Department who helped to make the vision a reality.''

The Royal Hospital School is a Suffolk Carbon Charter Gold Award holder in recognition of the efforts made towards carbon reduction measures.