Outstanding GCSE results in core subjects

Outstanding GCSE results in core subjects

Over a third of all GCSEs gained by pupils at the Royal Hospital School this year were graded A* or A (or for English and maths the new top 9, 8 or 7 grades), 23 pupils achieved at least six straight A*/A grades and 12 pupils were awarded at least one top 9 grade.

Despite media speculation that top grades in English language and mathematics would be few and far between, the proportion of 9s and 8s, the equivalent to an A*, gained by pupils at the Royal Hospital School rose by 5.8% and 11.8% respectively compared with A* grades in 2016. In addition, 25.6% of pupils gained a 9 or 8 in English literature. Overall, Royal Hospital School pupils achieved a 9-4 grade pass rate in English and maths of 94.5% compared to the national average of 66.3% and there have been some superb results in the core subjects including maths, English, science, religious studies and geography.

Headmaster, Simon Lockyer, said, “I am delighted with the number of pupils for whom hard work has paid off. As always it is the individual achievements at all levels that are the greatest cause for celebration; we have one pupil who gained three 9 grades in the reformed subjects and a number of pupils who have had particular triumphs in individual subjects. The results for English and maths were very hard to predict this year but, by continuing to stretch our most able, a significant number of pupils achieved the very top grades of 9 and 8 in the core subjects. I am also particularly pleased in an increased percentage of our pupils achieving the equivalent of A* and A (9-7) in English language and English literature. We pride ourselves on realising the potential of pupils of all abilities many of whom balance a broad range of interests and commitments. I am therefore particularly pleased that, with our innovative curriculum combining academic rigor with breadth, we will have 230 pupils in our sixth form this September”.

There have been some outstanding individual performances. The following pupils gained at least one 9 grade or the equivalent of more than six A*/A grades:

  • Lydia Torrington 9, 3A* and 7As
  • Thomas Paddon 9, 9A*s
  • Matilda Arulampalam 10A*
  • Dominic Curtis 9, 8A*s 1A
  • Henry Bezant 999, 6A*s
  • Annabel Paddon 9, 5A*s 4As
  • Molly Williamson 9, 5A*s 3As
  • Holly Folkard Smith 9, 4A*s and 3As
  • Nicholas Sims 9, 3A*s 6As
  • Emily Fretwell 4A*s and 6As
  • Cillian Rew 4A*s and 5As
  • Harry Hindley 4A*s and 4As
  • Catherine Bennett 4A*s and 4As
  • Lucy Wong 9, 1A*s and 6As
  • Boden Simpson 2A*s and 6As
  • Thomas Ralph 3A*s and 3As
  • Oliver Hurvey 8As
  • Hamish Ruddick 1A* and 5As
  • Adam Warren 3A*s and 3As
  • Adam Smith 6As
  • Mirabel Okechukwu 6As
  • Charlotte Hoskyns 1A*s 7As
  • Julian Ng 9, 1A*s and 4As
  • Tor Williams 9, 3*s, 1A
  • Louis Gibson 9, 2As