Operation Turtle Dove

On the 100th anniversary of the extinction of North America’s Passenger Pigeon, the RSPB are giving a large push to Operation Turtle Dove. The campaign was launched in May 2012 and aims to provide the right conditions and habitats for the Turtle Dove population in the UK which is currently halving in number every six years.

Mike Beard, Estates Manager at the Royal Hospital School said, “we are happy to be working in partnership with the RSPB to support Operation Turtle Dove. Creating and improving habitats for wildlife in and around the School grounds is an important part of our Environmental Management System, and we hope that our small-scale efforts will make a real difference to this threatened species, as well as providing a golden opportunity to educate and enthuse our pupils about turtle doves and conservation in general”.

To find out more about the project please visit the RSPB website.