German Exchange

"Abschied" to our German exchange friends

Today we say "Abschied" to our German friends from The Kepler Gymnasium who have spent the last five days at the Royal Hospital School.

Twenty five boys and girls, in the equivalent of our Years 10 and 11, partnered RHS pupils staying in the boarding houses or at the homes of day pupils. It was a packed itinerary for the German visitors with lessons, sport, CCF, an MUN mock debate, a cycle ride around Alton Water, adventure activities with Anglia Adventures and trips to Felixstowe and bowling. Their visit culminated in a farewell party in Hood last night and a presentation in chapel this morning.

The Kepler Gymnasium is located in Freiburg in the south west of Germany at the foothills of the Black Forest. It is a highly selective school where pupils are taught biology, history, geography and social studies in English. This is the second year of the exchange and in October 2016, RHS pupils will be visiting the German school.