Elite Rugby Players

RHS brings out the talent with 26 elite rugby players

The Royal Hospital School, Suffolk, has become an ever-accelerating production line of talent on the rugby field and it doesn’t look like that is going to change anytime soon.

Head of Rugby, Richard Chadwick, said “The investment in time and resource right across the age groups has paid off with inter-school success and a pipeline of talent ready to fill the boots of outgoing players. There are currently five senior boys involved in U17 and U18 Eastern Counties and nineteen are part of the Northampton Saints Academy Elite Player Development Group. This number is likely to increase over the season with more trials approaching for some of our promising talent. Well done to all our players but also to the parents, staff and coaches that support and nourish them.”

The Royal Hospital School runs sixteen rugby XV sides across the age groups who will have played over 150 inter-school fixtures as well as senior and junior house tournaments this term.

Saints EPDG U13
Archie F
Eli G
Archie K
Max P
Brinley R
Ben H

Saints EPDG U14
Aston G-L
Oliver A
Noah B
Eddie LR
Tunde M
Christian T
Charlie L-B
Callum O

Saints EPDG U15
Joshua W
Hamish C
William C

Saints EPDG U16
Toyo O
Elliot C

Saints EPDG U17
Francois R
Jordan M

Suffolk and Eastern Counties U17
Zac P
Kieran F

Suffolk and Eastern Counties U18
Elliot R
Toby B
Samuel H