Elevate Education

Supporting pupils to get top marks at GCSE and A-level

RHS is delighted to announce a new relationship with Elevate Education to help them get top marks in their forthcoming public examinations. Working with Years 11 to 13, Elevate Education will be supporting our study skills program by offering two dedicated seminars entitled ‘Ace Your Exams' and ‘Memory & Mnemonics'.

‘Ace Your Exams' outlines the critical exam skills that will allow pupils to excel in the exam room, whilst also demonstrating that exams are not just about the exam room – the preparation is where the marks are. It covers skills such as effective work, fixing mistakes, allocation of time and exam room techniques. The second seminar, ‘Memory & Mnemonics' focuses on techniques and strategies to help with memorisation and recall of information. It will show pupils what in ineffective study environment can do to their memory and introduce them to ways to deal with distractions. It will also outline a number of memory techniques that suit different learning styles.

Elevates award winning programmes are adopted in 450 schools across the UK and shared with 80,000 students annually. They are past winners of the Nescafe Big Break Awards in 2002 and publishers of Science of Student Success, a study guide that has sold over 10,000 copies and takes you into the minds of the top students.

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