BSA Golden Jubilee Boarding Orchard

Royal Hospital School plants fruit trees as part of BSA Golden Jubilee Boarding Orchard

Since 2014 the Boarding Schools’ Association's (BSA) Golden Jubilee Boarding Orchard has been steadily growing across the country. Its branches have now spread to coastal Suffolk to the Royal Hospital School, a co-educational boarding school for 750 11 to 18 year olds set in 200 acres overlooking the Stour Estuary.

Boarding schools up and down the nation have planted trees in their grounds to create what is hoped will be the largest orchard by distance in the UK. The trees symbolise the ‘tree of knowledge’ and demonstrate each school’s commitment to the personal growth and development of young people and caring for the environment.

The Royal Hospital School’s three trees were planted by Simon Lockyer, Headmaster, and Sarah Godfrey, Assistant Head of Pastoral, the Heads of School, and Les and Anne Thompson, who together will have given 62 years of combined service to the school.

The Headmaster said, “We are delighted to be part of the project as boarding values and pastoral care are a vital part of everyday life here at the Royal Hospital School. We aim to ensure that every child feels happy, safe and secure so that they are able to achieve their best, both in the classroom and as an individual. Last year the school was recognised for commitment to the environment with the announcement of our Suffolk Carbon Charter Gold Award, awarded to organisations exemplifying best practice in terms of demonstrating significant reductions in carbon emissions and championing the environmental agenda”.