A*/A GCSE grades increase for the fourth consecutive year

Number of A* and A grades at GCSE increases for the fourth consecutive year

There have been some outstanding GCSE results at the Royal Hospital School and, at the top end, the number of A* and A grades achieved has increased for the fourth consecutive year.

Headmaster, Simon Lockyer, said "I am delighted with the number of pupils for whom hard work and commitment has paid off. With the broad range of abilities accepted into the School, these results reflect how well we are able to realise the potential of every pupil”.

Top Performances

Ben Barker topped the highest number of A*s with 9A* grades and 1 A

Petrus du Toit gained the highest overall GCSE score with 7A*s and 4 As

Ben Barker, Petrus du Toit, Will Christmas, Georgia Folkard-Smith, Thomas Saunders, Tabitha Saunders, Giles Wilson, Ben Willis, Abigail Provan, Xavier Bull, Nicholas Paddon, Serena Brown, Mark Johnson, Imogen Kerr, Emily Burgess, Hannah Farry, Sam Christmas, and Kyla Conway all gained at least 9 A*/A grades

Three sets of twins in this year’s cohort claimed 43 A*and A grades between them!