Heads of School

We are delighted to announce that our Heads of School this year are Mathilda Ketterer and Oliver Goodwin-Day, supported by our Deputy Heads of School Daniil Dildyaev, Helena Mate, Tami Dada and Theo Gardiner.  

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DofE Summer Update

Our DofE pupils were busy in the summer with 85 candidates for the Bronze Award, 33 for Silver, as well as 11 Silver sailing candidates. There were also candidates for Gold who completed the residential section of their award. 

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Year 12 Induction

Freedom, independence and fun are all aspects of sixth form life. Our new cohort dived straight into the new term, and what could be a more fitting way to commence than by providing them with a glimpse of these elements. 

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Iceland 2023

In late August, 24 adventurous Year 13 geographers, accompanied by three incredibly enthusiastic geography teachers, embarked on an unforgettable journey to Iceland. Our Icelandic expedition kicked off in Reykjavik, the vibrant capital, where we watched a Lava Show and experienced a 'Fly Over' of Iceland. 

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A life-changing impact 

“Congratulations, I am delighted to inform you that you have been awarded an academic scholarship.” I will never forget those words on the offer letter and how it changed my life.  

The impact that it has had on me and receiving the news is truly an indescribable experience. It has given me access to a plethora of opportunities, moulding me into a more confident and motivated human being. It has also made me realise that the sky is the limit.  

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History Duxford Trip

On Friday 9 June, Year 8 pupils participated in a history trip to the Imperial War Museum, Duxford. They were divided into three groups and explored various hangars, discovering Duxford's role in World War Two and the preparations for the D-Day landings. The pupils engaged in an interactive documentary challenge for the fictional TV channel 'SMASHtv,' where they had 45 minutes to create mini documentaries recounting the story of the aircraft involved in the Battle of Britain. 

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Sophie Doe

Sophie Doe gained an impressive set of results, achieving a 9 in Geography and four 7s in Mathematics, PE, Science and Music! Sophie is looking forward to RHS Sixth Form life and will study A Level Psychology and Geography as well as BTEC Sport.

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