The safety, health and wellbeing of our pupils and staff remain our priority. We are being continually guided by the UK Government and other organisations, particularly the Boarding Schools Association’s Covid-Safe Charter, in our decision-making to ensure the safe return of all our pupils for the Michaelmas Term.

The aim of the FAQs is to set out our current thinking and address questions we have encountered. We will be undertaking a regular review of our processes and intend to keep these pages updated as advice changes and our policies and approaches develop.

As soon as we are aware of any developments or changes, we shall update our FAQs.


Summary of preventative measures

Year Group Bubbles

Academic and Teaching topics

Pastoral and House/Tutor topics

Co-curricular activities, including Music and Sport

Catering arrangements

School Buses and Travel arrangements



Visitors - e.g. Parents Evenings, Partnership and Commercial Activities

Positive Covid-19 cases in school or at home

Contingency plans in the event of future lockdowns

Summary: reminder of actions required by parents and pupils

● Be cautious with possible Covid-19 symptoms: stay at home and get tested if concerned - don’t come to school

● Immediately tell the Health Centre if your child tests positive for Covid-19: 01473 326230 or email

● Ensure your child carries a face mask/covering in a clear plastic bag for use on the School bus and school minibuses. Face masks/coverings should be discreet, appropriate and not distracting.

● Take note of school uniform adjustments

● Check pencil cases: pupils require the following equipment; pens (including blue or black and green), pencils, ruler, eraser, highlighter, calculator, glue stick, scissors, headphones, Apple Pencil or Logitech Crayon (or equivalent) as well as a charged iPad or BYOD

● Bring in a water bottle as drinking fountains have been disabled

● Respect the visitor policy of essential visitors only

● Resolve any remote learning technology difficulties (e.g. poor home WiFi) as far as is possible in case of a return to remote learning.

Covid-Safe Charter Member School

Updated 15.09.20

Further clarifications following introduction of "Rule of Six"

Updated 03.09.20

Comprehensive update of FAQs

Updated 25.08.20

Update of FAQs for reopening September 2020

Updated 08.07.20

Update on uniform policy.