Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Following the closure of the school to pupils on Friday 20 March, we  shall continue to use this webpage to update parents, guardians and staff on future developments as well as the continuing measures the School is taking to keep everyone within our school community safe in light of the ongoing outbreak.

Frequently Asked Questions

RHS is continuing to follow the advice of both Public Health England (PHE) and the Boarding Schools Association (BSA) about any preventative action that needs to be taken by anyone who may be experiencing symptoms. The new guidance which was updated on 20th March can be found at:  

Forthcoming school trips

The school has a number of  trips scheduled over the Summer Term. A decision on whether these trips proceed will be taken based on the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) guidance together with any additional and relevant government advice on travel restrictions.  

Tour operators and trip providers require the FCO advice to be current at the time of the departure of the trip.  The FCO currently advises against all non-essential travel worldwide – advice which took effect on 17th March and initially applies for 30 days. Consequently, it only currently applies to trips departing prior to 17th April.  

We are working extremely hard to encourage trip providers to be realistic in their approach to cancellations and subsequent refunds but providers are indicating that if we cancel when FCO guidance is not yet applicable to a specific trip, parents will be subject to their cancellation terms which could result in the forfeiture of most of the total cost of the trip. Our insurers expect us to have recovered all possible costs from tour operators and/or other providers in relation to trips before considering any residual claim. This means we are not currently in a position to confirm cancellation for trips taking place over the summer term and therefore must continue to comply with the payment terms. This includes billing parents for the remaining instalments on the expectation that the trip will go ahead, however unlikely that may be. 

 Trip destination  Dates  Current position
 Ski trip: Sestriere, Italy   27 March – 4 April   Cancelled. Parents of those pupils who were due to attend will be contacted separately.
 Classics Trip: Rome and Bay of Naples   29 March – 3 April   The trip has been cancelled by the tour operator. Parents of those pupils who were due to attend will be contacted separately.
 Art trip: Paris   22 May – 25 May  Under consideration
 Geography fieldwork: Devon   30 May – 4 June   Under consideration
 Year 8 French trip : Opal Coast   10 June – 13 June   Under consideration
 Year 8 Spanish trip : Andalucia   10 June – 13 June   Under consideration 
 Year 10 Battlefields trip  22 June - 24 June  Under consideration
 Cultural tour: Florida and West Indies   28 June – 14 July   Under consideration
 Girls hockey tour: Holland    28 August – 31 August   Under consideration


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