Kickboxing, a combination of eastern striking martial arts and western boxing, is offered to pupils either as part of the senior games programme or as part of our afterschool clubs provision. Pupils can expect to learn the technique of punching and kicking, as well as defensive techniques in a controlled, safe environment. Participants can expect to build up their endurance, strength and resilience.

Pupils can also choose to take this further, and prepare for, and enter competitions throughout the region. Three former pupils have become national champions, either during their time at the school or afterwards.

Kickboxing News


A few of our pupils participated in the NAK tournament (National Association of Kickboxing) held at the Blackbelt Academy in Norwich over the weekend. We were the only school represented, as all the other competitors were from martial arts clubs across the East of England, including Stepping Stones - the Muay Thai School that visits us annually.

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