The Royal Hospital School Association (RHSA) was created in 1925 and includes pupils from Greenwich, Holbrook, Lloyds Patriotic Fund and the Boreman Boys. All pupils who attend RHS automatically become members of the RHSA on their departure. The Association is independent from the school but works in conjunction with the school’s Alumni Office, focusing on networking, careers and social events.


RHSA General Committee

President: Simon Lockyer  (Headmaster)
Vice President: Andy Redwood* (St Vincent 1971) 
Treasurer: Stephen Traynor* (Blake 1975)
General Secretary: Nick Gill* (Collingwood 1988)
Membership Secretary: Mark Lucas* (St Vincent 1974)
Events & Media Secretary: Aimee Frankham* (Cornwallis 1995)
Alumni Relations Manager: Lucy Pembroke **

*General Committee elected member
**School Representative




The RHSA have dedicated branches around the country whose aim is to provide local support, events, meetings and updates to our members where you live. The formal branches cover Southern Counties, London and South East, Portsmouth and East Anglia. Although they have also hosted informal gatherings in York, Nottingham, Edinburgh, Portsmouth as well as Australia.

Should anyone wish to form a new branch outside these areas the RHSA would be delighted to hear from you in this instance please contact our General Secretary who will be happy to advise you of how to start the process (gensec@therhsa.co.uk).

The RHSA family very much welcome members organising informal events anywhere in the world and is more than happy to assist in this so please contact our events and media secretary to help you facilitate this (eventsmedia@therhsa.co.uk).

Southern Counties
President: Nick Gill

London/South East & Midlands
President: Stephen Traynor

President: Jim Wright

East Anglia
President: Ciaran Mcloughlin


The RHSA 2021 Annual General Meeting will take place on Saturday 26 June at 10:30am via Zoom. Registration is required in advance.  Please register here to receive login details. 

Get in touch with the
Alumni Office:

Alumni Relations/Events
e: Lucy Pembroke
 t: 01473 326110

e: Katie Gould
t: 01473 326183