RHS Alumni Office Privacy Notice

We aim to build meaningful and long-term relationships that serve our principal charitable aim of ensuring our distinct maritime ethos and philanthropic origins continue to transform lives. By giving back time, expertise, and donations you can further the strategic aims and legitimate interests of the School. Having conducted a GDPR Legitimate Interest Assessment (LIA) we have identified the following uses fall within the category of “legitimate interests”:

  • to support the activities of the Royal Hospital School Association (RHSA)
  • to support the activities of the Royal Hospital School Parents Association (RHSPA)
  • maintaining relationships with alumni, parents and the wider School community and friends, including direct marketing, events and fundraising activity.
  • for the purposes of donor due diligence, and to confirm the identity of prospective donors and their background


The personal data which you provide to us and which is processed by the RHS Charitable Trust and stored and accessed by the Development Office may include:

  • your name, title and contact details
  • biographical information, such as your gender, nationality, date of birth and marital status
  • details of any donations you have made to RHS
  • records of meetings our staff have held with you

·Specific to former pupils:

  • information about your period of study at RHS, the start and end date of your education, house, societies and interest, etc.
  • your further education history and career activities 
  • your attendance at RHS and Royal Hospital School Association (RHSA) events
  • your communication preferences, and records of communications with RHS

Specific to current and past parents

  • information about the period through which you had children at the School
  • your profession
  • your attendance at RHS and Royal Hospital School Parents Association (RHSPA) events

Specific to current and former members of staff

  • information about your period of employment at RHS, the start and end date of your employment, job title, etc. 
  • your attendance at RHS related events
  • your communication preferences

We may use additional information from external sources for the purposes referred to above. This may result in our holding information about you such as:

  • your relationships to other alumni, RHS staff, donors and friends
  • details, such as your employment, which you have shared on social media
  • your known philanthropy
  • our assessment of your capacity to support RHS


We collect information in a variety of ways:

  • If you are a pupil, your pupil record is automatically transferred to our RHS Development CRM when you leave and (in most cases) join the RHSA
  • If you are a ‘lost’ former pupil or parent your details are transferred to our RHS Development CRM when you return to the School for events or other activities that require or seek your contact details
  • If you are a current parent, your details within a pupil record will be automatically transferred to our RHS Alumni CRM
  • If you are a friend of the School your details are transferred to our RHS Development CRM when you participate in RHS development programmes that require or seek your contact details

As former pupils, parents, friends and supporters we also gather your personal data when:

  • you email, telephone or write to us 
  • you join the RHS Career Networking LinkedIn group
  • you register on an RHSA, RHSPA or Heritage Centre related online portal
  • you register for an event
  • you volunteer
  • you make a donation
  • you update your record online 
  • you meet with us face-to-face

Collecting information from publicly available sources

The RHS Alumni Office may gather information which is publicly available, for example from company websites and news media, in addition to information which you have provided to us. We do not currently use third party wealth screening services to process your personal data. However, we do use third party suppliers to obtain contact information about you where this is publicly available. For example, you may have given your address to a postal service when you moved house. 


 We will never share your personal data with third parties for non-RHS purposes, or sell any of your information for any reason. Personal data is made available within the School only to authorised personnel who are bound by the Royal Hospital School Charitable Trust’s Privacy Notice for the purposes of encouraging non-financial and financial support for the School.


The RHS Alumni Office uses the data it holds to support a range of activities and communications for and in relation to our community of alumni, parents, and friends. 

This could include;

  • providing information about mentoring and volunteering opportunities
  • special interest groups that can enhance your career
  • events held at RHS such as reunions
  • fundraising for bursaries and facilities
  • sending you magazines and newsletters
  • contacting you with a request to help us raise money or for a donation to RHS 
  • administration and internal record-keeping purposes
  • creating an account for you if you register with RHS as an event or activity participant, volunteer or supporter
  • analysing and improving the services offered on our website
  • using anonymised personal data to benchmark our activity with other relevant organisations (e.g. IDPE) 
  • processing Gift Aid claims with the HM Revenue and Customs 
  • assessing your information, when considering acceptance of major donations, as part of the School’s legal obligation to prevent bribery and fraud (for further information see RHS Gift Acceptance Notice)


We hope that you will want to stay connected with RHS via our Development interactions and communications. However, you have the right to change your contact preferences or unsubscribe from any or all of our communication channels – including post, email and telephone – at any time. You can do this by writing to us at:

Simon Marsh, RHS Alumni Office, RHS, Ipswich IP9 2RX
Phone number: 01473 326150/ Email: smarsh@royalhospitalschool.org

Alternatively, you can email the School’s Privacy and Compliance Officer; Bursar@royalhospitalschool.org with your request to opt out of communications by post, email or phone. We promise to treat your request sensitively and in a timely fashion. You can opt back in to receive communications from us at any time. 

You also have a right to:

  • request a copy of the information we hold about you
  • update or change any incorrect information we hold about you
  • ask us to stop processing your personal data in certain ways (unless it is necessary for the purpose you provided it to us, for example where you have asked us to register you for an event or process a donation) 
  • raise a concern or complaint about the way we use your information
  • request information on publicly available sources used by RHS Development


We will endeavour to ensure that all personal data held in relation to an individual is as up to date and accurate as possible. Individual are encouraged to contact the Alumni Office in relation to any inaccuracies, or changes to important information such as contact details, held about them.

Simon Marsh, RHS Alumni Office, RHS, Ipswich IP9 2RX
Phone number: 01473 326150/ Email: smarsh@royalhospitalschool.org

Personal data stored by the RHS Alumni Office is held on the School’s secure server infrastructure and access is restricted to authorised personnel only. Authorised personnel may include the General Secretary and the Membership Secretary of the RHSA who are data processors authorised by RHS and bound by the Royal Hospital School Charitable Trust Privacy Notice.

If you make payment by cheque or supply us with your bank details in order to set up a direct debit, your bank details are shredded or deleted securely once we are sure payment has been taken or the direct debit has been established.

How long do we hold personal information for?

The RHS Alumni Office considers the School’s relationship with alumni, parents, friends and supporters to be lifelong and we will store your details until you inform us that you do not wish to hear from us or you ask us to delete some or all of your information. In the event that you advise us that you no longer wish to hear from us we will keep a sufficient record of your ID, name, date of birth and your communication preferences to ensure that your data is not further used for such processing. We will not retain any information about you which is no longer required.


We may amend this Privacy Notice from time to time. Any significant changes to this Privacy Notice or to the way we treat your personal data will be communicated via the RHS website or by contacting you directly. 


If you have any comments and queries about this Privacy Notice, or would like to receive a copy of the information we hold about you, please contact us as outlined above.

Last updated: May 2019

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