Set in 200 acres of stunning Suffolk countryside overlooking the Stour Estuary and within an hour of London, the Royal Hospital School is a leading co-educational boarding and day school for 11-18 year olds, providing a full and broad education, fit for the modern world.

Pupils join RHS from all over the world to take advantage of our excellent boarding provision, including many from families serving in the Armed Forces (Army, Navy, Marines & RAF). Founded in 1712 in Greenwich to provide education for children of naval seafarers, the school moved to Suffolk in 1933, and has continued to grow in size and reputation to become one of East Anglia’s leading independent schools. Whilst many naval traditions underpin our school values, we welcome families from all walks of life, and are particularly in tune with Armed Forces families. We have an extremely active CCF department, representing the Army, Navy, Marines and RAF and appreciate the many links we have to parents and alumni working in these areas.

We understand the unique needs of children of parents serving in the Armed Forces, and they are highly valued members of our full boarding community. Our wellbeing team are tuned in to the additional anxiety they may experience as a result of their parents being in service or deployed overseas and have sensitive measures in place to ensure their wellbeing. Our full boarding community are well placed to take full advantage of our exceptional campus in the evenings, after school commitments on Saturdays and on Sundays, with a variety of fun and stimulating activities, events and trips organised to ensure they are kept busy and happy.

RHS is an exceptional school, and has been absolutely the right place for our children. The site, the quality of teaching, the ethos and the opportunities offered combine to make a unique experience which is hard to beat.

We believe it is our role to navigate pupils through their critical and formative years, ensuring their education becomes the foundation for lifelong happiness and success. Great importance is placed on balancing academic work with interests outside the classroom and every pupil is encouraged to become fully involved in school life, to challenge themselves and to try something new. With Saturday school and an active weekend programme, our pupils have plenty of time to explore all the opportunities on offer.

MOD Continuity of education allowance (CEA)

Service families in receipt of the MOD CEA are offered a discounted full boarding fee, which allows for their children to access an RHS education. The MOD insists that eligible personnel make a minimum contribution of 10% towards the school fees, but they will not fund more than the maximum amount that they set each year as boarding school fees are generally far above this figure. As a result, the Royal Hospital School sets the fees for eligible families so that the minimum parental contribution permissible under MOD CEA rules applies.

We fully understand the unique needs of our Service family children, and they are highly valued as members of our full boarding community.

Our boarding fees are discounted for those in receipt of MOD CEA. For the current school year, 2022/23, the actual fees at the Royal Hospital School are £37,614 for pupils in Year 9 and above and the discount awarded is £10,596 resulting in a net fee of £27,018. Therefore, after deducting the MOD CEA maximum award of £24,141, the parental contribution for 2022/23 is £2,877.

In summary, for academic year 2022/23:

  Years 9 to 13 Years 7 and 8
Normal boarding fee £37,614 £29,211
Discount -£10,596 -£2,193
Discounted fee for those eligible for CEA £27,018 £27,018
How is this funded?    
Maximum MOD CEA award for 2021/22 £24,141 £24,141
Parental contribution    
per annum £2,877 £2,877
per term £959 £959

Whilst our son may not go on to a career in the military, the skills he is learning through taking part in CCF are hugely important and transferable to the modern world.


Around 450 pupils board at the Royal Hospital School on a full time, weekly or 3-night basis. We operate a six day week with lessons on Saturday mornings and sport in the afternoon. On Saturday evenings and Sundays there are house-based activities or whole school social events as well as cultural and shopping trips. Those living further afield will be pleased to know that we have no compulsory exeat weekends and even on our 'quiet weekends' the school remains open.

Boarding can be a whole new way of life for some, but with our focus on good communication with parents and our established buddy and peer support systems, new pupils settle in quickly and before long refer to their house as a ‘home from home’.


The Royal Hospital School is part of Greenwich Hospital, a Crown naval charity, one of whose charitable objectives is to provide for the education of the children of seafarers. The Greenwich Hospital Bursary is financial support for seafaring families to allow their child or children to attend the Royal Hospital School. Depending on the applicant's circumstances, it can offer a fee reduction of up to 95%.

We accept bursary applications for boarding places from the children of seafaring families whose parents have served in the Royal Navy, Royal Marines, or Royal Fleet Auxiliary for a minimum of three years. They may be currently serving or retired.

Bursaries are limited in number and are usually oversubscribed. Children who pass the school’s entrance examination and any other entry requirements are considered for a bursary based on:

  • Charitable need;
  • Entrance examination performance;
  • Availability of places in boarding houses within each year group.

To find out more and to enquire, please visit our Greenwich Hospital Bursaries website page:

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