Entry to the Royal Hospital School is normally at age 11 or 13, or into the Sixth Form although pupils may be accepted into other years groups subject to space being available.

Admissions Process

Applications from international pupils should be made to the International Admissions Office at or +44 (0) 1473 326179 in the first instance. Whether you are applying direct or through an education agent, we will guide you carefully through the process.

When making an initial enquiry please provide as much information as possible about your child's academic achievements, interests and aspirations as well as his or her date of birth, first language and current school. We will need to see copies of your child's two most recent reports together with a scan of his or her passport.

On the basis of this information we will advise you or your educational agent on whether we would be able to consider your child and if you should proceed with the completion of a Registration Form.

Applying for a Place

The Registration Form should be sent to together with a copy of the passport and payment of the Registration Fee. International payments can be made via

All pupils for whom English is not their first language are required to take our English as an Additional Language (EAL) test and an age-specific mathematics test, which may be taken in their home country, subject to prior arrangement. If your child's first language is English or if he or she is currently at a English-speaking school, we may recommend that he or she takes the same assessment tests as our domestic applicants.

All candidates are required to have an interview with a senior member of staff either during your visit to the School or, if this is not possible, by Skype.

Places are normally offered to successful candidates within two weeks of sitting our assessment tests and having the interview. Places should be accepted within four weeks of receipt of an offer. After that time, the School reserves the right to offer places to candidates on the waiting list. On acceptance of a place, parents are required to sign a contract which sets out clearly the basis on which an offer is being made and accepted, and return it together with the Acceptance Deposit.

As a guide the following levels of English would, in most cases, mean that English language support is unnecessary:

  • Entry Years 7-9 (11+) PET grade C or above
  • Entry Year 10 (14+) FCE grade C or above
  • Entry Year 12 (16+) IELTS 6.5

Tier 4 Pupils

Student Visas

Unless your child is a national of one of the countries of the European Economic Area, they will need a student visa to enter the UK and study at the Royal Hospital School.

This is relatively straightforward as long as you are able to produce the correct documentation and adhere to the recommended timeline but we would advise that you use an agent or visa advisory service to guide you through the process.

Help is also available from UK Visas and Immigration (, visa application centres ( and the British Mission/Embassy/High Commission/Consulate-General in your own country (see for details).

The main type of visa applicable to 11-17 year olds studying at the Royal Hospital School is the Tier 4 (Child) Student ( For students over 18 this would be a Tier 4 (General) Student visa.

To be granted permission to study in the UK, your child must meet the full requirements of the Immigration Rules and have 40 points in total; 30 from having a valid Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) from a ‘Tier 4 sponsor’ with ‘Highly Trusted Sponsor status’ and 10 points for having enough money to cover your child’s course fees and monthly living costs, which is also known as ‘maintenance’ or ‘funds’.

CAS (Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies)

The Royal Hospital School has Highly Trusted Sponsor status and as a Tier 4 Sponsor can issue your CAS.

The CAS shows that your child has an official, unconditional offer from the Royal Hospital School for the course of study he or she wants to undertake. As well as a unique reference number, the CAS will contain some of the information we have used to assess your child’s suitability.

To be valid, a CAS must contain the same details as are in your child’s passport; have been given to you no more than six months before your visa application; and not have been withdrawn or cancelled by the UK immigration authorities. Each CAS expires six months after it is given out. If it has expired, you cannot use it to make a visa application, so you will have to get another CAS from before you can apply. The CAS forms a very important part of the application process, but is not an acceptable substitute for the visa itself.

Once you have received the CAS, you should complete a visa application form, which, for most countries, may be completed online via the Visa4UK website ( You will need:

  • the CAS statement on Royal Hospital School headed paper and the documents you submitted for the issue of the CAS
  • a letter from yourself as parents or legal guardians giving your relationship to your child, and your written consent to the application, the living arrangements and for your child’s travel to and reception in the UK
  • your child’s passport
  • the visa fee, paid in your local currency
  • your child’s biometric details
  • two recent photographs, conforming to internationally agreed standards, with the child’s name written on the back
  • proof that you have the school fees and funds for living costs.

Obtaining the necessary clearances can be slow and depends partly on the country and partly on the time of year; applications usually take longer in the summer months when many people are applying. UK Visas and Immigration is committed to processing 90% of all applications within three weeks and 100% within 12 weeks of the application date.


At the Royal Hospital School, we are committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of every boarding pupil. Therefore, we require the parents of all boarding pupils (including those over the age of 18) who do not live in the United Kingdom to appoint a guardian (or guardianship organisation) to act on their behalf.

While we are responsible for each pupil's welfare during term time, and will therefore undertake parentally designated responsibilities, there may be times (for example leave out weekends, ends of term or if a pupil is externally suspended) when we must be able to hand over responsibility for the pupil to another adult. This would normally be the pupil's parent. However, where parents live overseas, it will be the nominated guardian.

Appointing a Guardian

We do not appoint guardians on behalf of parents. It is your responsibility to nominate a guardian (or guardianship organisation) for your son or daughter. The guardian (or representative of the guardianship organisation) must meet all the following requirements:

  • be over 25 years of age
  • be a permanent resident of the United Kingdom
  • reside within four hours' travelling time from the School, either by car or public transport
  • be a 24-hour point of contact for pupil, parents and the School
  • not be a member of staff at the School
  • be prepared to act with delegated parental authority in case of emergency or in other matters as required
  • provide appropriate overnight accommodation, if required, including at the start and end of terms and half-terms.

Expectations for Guardians

Guardians are expected to respect the rights, religion and customs of a child and adhere to best practice in their guardianship. This should include signing an agreement with the pupil's parents, confirming the responsibilities of the guardian. If, at any time, a nominated guardian does not meet the requirements of our Guardianship Policy, we will require the parent to appoint a guardianship organisation accredited by the Association of Educational Guardians for International Students to make appropriate guardianship arrangements.

The Association of Educational Guardians for International Students (AEGIS) is a national association which monitors and regulates the welfare of international students, and provides accreditation for guardianship organisations in line with the National Minimum Standards for Boarding. For more details, please visit

All guardians are welcome to attend School events, parent meetings, concerts and sports matches. We also encourage them to make regular contact with the pupil's Housemaster or Housemistress.

In the case of pupils who are in receipt of Tier 4 sponsorship and for whom we have issued a Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS), we are responsible to the UK Border Agency for the pupil at all times during the Tier 4 sponsorship. We are legally required to retain accurate records of the pupil's whereabouts, whether or not he/she is in the UK. Parents must, therefore, undertake to ensure that we are provided with relevant details and contact information for all periods when the pupil is not resident at School.

To appoint a guardian for your son or daughter, you should complete and return our Guardian Nomination Form, which must be signed by you and the nominated guardian or a representative of the nominated guardianship organisation.


On Saturday evenings there are always a number of different activities and social events on offer for boarders, including discos, film nights, House entertainment and barbecues.

Sundays are normally quieter when brunch allows for a little longer in bed, and social and recreational activities tend to be house-based. Some will make use of the sports facilities and there are also regular excursions such as trips to the beach, shopping, roller-skating, ice-skating, sailing or dry skiing.

There are some events held on weekends that are compulsory for all pupils. These may include Sports Day, Remembrance Service, Carol Service, Speech Day and other whole school events.

Midway through each half term there are ‘Quiet Weekends’ when fewer commitments are in the calendar and boarding pupils can go on leave-out. The houses do, however, stay open for remaining pupils. These weekends are extended to include all of Saturday for pupils in Years 7 and 8. There is one full exeat weekend in the Michaelmas Term. Full details on timings can be found on the Term Dates page.

International Admissions Office
+44 (0) 1473 326179