Awards and Means-tested Bursaries

The Royal Hospital School is committed to maintaining broad access for talented pupils who would benefit from an outstanding all-round and full education by rewarding talent through a limited number of awards as well as offering financial support through means-tested bursaries.


All our awards (Scholarships and Exhibitions) reward excellence based on performance at assessment. They normally constitute a modest discount on the full fee either for a set period of time or for the entire duration of a pupil's time at the Royal Hospital School. The award in some cases may be ‘Honorary’, whereby the recipient gains the accolade of being a scholar or an exhibitioner but with no monetary discount. This is normally the case when a pupil is in receipt of another substantial discount such as the MOD Continuity of Education Allowance or Greenwich Hospital Bursary. The number of these awards are at the discretion of the Headmaster, subject to the School’s budgetary constraints and subject to review.


Entry 2023

Wednesday 9 November 2022
Closing date for application and scholarship forms

Monday 14 November 2022
Year 7 Sailing Scholarship Assessments

Tuesday 15 November 2022
Year 9 Sports Scholarship and Year 12 Sailing Scholarship Assessments

Wednesday 16 November 2022
Year 9 Sailing Scholarship Assessments

Friday 18 November 2022
Year 7 Sports Exhibition Assessments

Saturday 19 November 2022
Music, Drama and Creativity Scholarship Assessments

Thursday 24 November 2022
Year 7 Academic Exhibition Assessments


(applications for 2022 nOW cLOSED)


how our assessments work:


Means-Tested Bursaries

Candidates in receipt of an Scholarship, Exhibition or Award may be eligible to apply for additional assistance by way of a means-tested Royal Hospital School bursary should the financial circumstances of the family necessitate it. Bursaries may be awarded in the form of discounts on the boarding or day fee, depending on the financial circumstances of the applicants and subject to the School’s budgetary constraints but would not normally constitute more than 50% of the full fee. For more information regarding criteria, please contact the Admissions Office on 01473 326136 or


The Royal Hospital School is part of Greenwich Hospital, a Crown naval charity, one of whose charitable objectives is to provide for the education of the children of seafarers.

The following are eligible to apply for Greenwich Hospital Financial Support to attend the Royal Hospital School:

  • Children of serving officers and ratings of the Royal Navy, Royal Marines, WRNS and RFA who are not eligible for CEA;

  • Children of retired officers and ratings of the Royal Navy, Royal Marines, WRNS and RFA.

Greenwich Hospital supports children of eligible Royal Naval seafarers through a limited number of bursaries and discounts. Bursaries are means tested based on gross family income, capital holdings and certain expenditure. They are limited and only available on entry and are not available retrospectively to students already in the School. 

Greenwich Hospital requires a minimum of three years qualifying Royal Naval service. Eligibility does not guarantee that a bursary will be awarded. Bursaries are limited in number and are usually oversubscribed. Children who pass the school’s entrance examination and any other entry requirements are considered for a bursary based on:

  • Charitable need;
  • Entrance examination performance;
  • Availability of places in girls' and boys' boarding houses within each year group.

Applications need to be submitted before the closing date for school applications in November and not before 5 April in the year preceding entry to the School. Normally all available bursaries and discounts are awarded by January. A financial support application form will be sent after a registration form has been received by the School. 

If you wish to make an application for admission to the School please contact the Admissions Office on 01473 326 136 or email

Further information can be found here: Greenwich Hospital.

Royal Springboard Bursaries

The Royal Hospital School is an accredited Royal SpringBoard school. Through our work with this nationally acclaimed charity we have been able to provide life-transforming opportunities to disadvantaged and vulnerable children who would benefit from the positive impact of a boarding school environment.

If you believe that your child would merit a bursary and you meet the criteria, you can contact Royal SpringBoard directly to find out whether you are eligible. Your suitability will be assessed by looking at a number of factors:

  • Low family income. If you are eligible for Free School Meals, then this is a good indicator that you could apply
  • Lack of parental care, where no other suitable care is available due to the death of a parent, a severe illness or a disability
  • Where there is a sibling who has a disability that affects the well-being of the rest of the family
  • All candidates must be British citizens or have indefinite leave to remain in the UK

For more information click here: Home | Springboard ( 

Services Families

The full boarding fees are discounted for those in receipt of MOD Continuity of Education Allowance (CEA). If the candidate is granted an Award for outstanding performance, this will confer scholar’s privileges and the relevant accolades but will be represented by a non-monetary Honorary Award.

Sibling Discount

Families with two children in the School at the same time receive a 5% discount on the boarding or day fee for the eldest child. Those with three children in the school are eligible for 10% discount for the eldest and 5% discount on the second eldest and those with four children will receive 25% discount on the eldest, 10% on the second eldest and 5% on the third eldest, when all are at school at the same time. The sibling discount does not apply to fees discounted by a means-tested bursary, Continuity of Education Allowance and certain other discounts.

Register Your Child For A Place At RHS

We hope that after you have learnt a little more about life at the Royal Hospital School that you will choose to register your child for a place. This will also enable us to keep you informed of key stages of the admission process.


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