Learning Support

The Learning Support Department offers specialist teaching in one-to-one and small group lessons for pupils with learning difficulties, such as dyslexia. The focus of lessons varies according to the needs of the pupils, but might cover study skills, revision techniques, literacy, numeracy or attitude to learning. Additionally, members of the department make visits to classes to support pupils and teachers with strategies and techniques. Supported Prep is offered to pupils in Years 7 and 8 who  benefit from extra support with their prep.

The Learning Support Department conducts assessments for access arrangements, such as extra time, in preparation for public examinations. Pupils can also be assessed at any point, if a concern about a possible learning difficulty is raised by a pupil, teacher or parent or as a result of MIDYIS or  ALIS screening

English as an Additional Language

Specialist English lessons are offered to those pupils for whom English is not their first language, with the aim of making the curriculum more accessible and preparing pupils for public examinations such as the Cambridge examinations or IELTS qualification for entry to university in the UK.