As an Edtech 50 recognised school, the Royal Hospital School was able to react quickly to school closures due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The School commenced a full live online timetable for all pupils one day after the closures were announced in March 2020 by the government, and were able to begin again instantly following the second closure of schools in January 2021.  During the school closures we provided over 32,000 live lessons across 38 countries worldwide and 600 virtual after school clubs. We continue to deliver hybrid learning, using Microsoft Teams and OneNote, for those pupils unable to return to school for the moment due to isolation or international restrictions. These hybrid lessons allow pupils to remain an active part of their lessons from home, and to engage with their teachers and peers.  Should the government decide to close schools again, staff at the Royal Hospital School are ready to move straight into remote learning as we have done previously.  


How can we provide live lessons online so quickly?

Every pupil at RHS has a mobile device as part of their learning experience, which was established practice before the pandemic. Pupils were already well-versed in using digital resources for learning, and many of our learning resources are digital.  

Our incredible staff were trained in using Microsoft Teams before schools closed, meaning that we smoothly transitioned to remote teaching as staff and pupils adapted rapidly to online teaching, demonstrating their resilience and work ethic throughout. With over a year’s further experience in delivering high-quality education remotely and in hybrid lessons, we would be able to revert to online learning straightaway. 

What is hybrid teaching? 

Hybrid teaching is providing lessons in the classroom in person with our pupils whilst simultaneously teaching live online. As schools have reopened with fewer national restrictions, we still have pupils isolating or those who can't return to school; so hybrid teaching has been implemented. We use Microsoft Teams and OneNote to enable pupils accessing learning remotely to see their teacher, the class whiteboard, textbooks, tasks and work sheets. Pupils are able to participate in lessons through asking and answering questions, being involved in class discussions and activities, and pupils therefore receive high quality feedback on their work. This sector-leading approach is, we feel, the closest experience a pupil can get to being physically in the classroom. Lessons are also recorded to enable all pupils to revisit content, or access lessons at a more suitable time for their time zone. 


How can i find out more?

Our admissions team would be happy to answer any questions you may have about our online teaching provision and about our school in general.  Register for one of our upcoming events below or email our admissions team on

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