innovative teaching methods

The Royal Hospital School seeks to stretch and challenge pupils of all academic abilities both in and out of formal lessons. We actively differentiate in class, with our mobile learning and e-learning initiatives providing innovative teaching methods and opportunities to learn both co-operatively and independently. There are 66 x 55-minute periods over each fortnight and a large range of academic co-curricular activities across the year groups including debating, public speaking, Model United Nations, academic societies and Young Enterprise.


SCHOOL Structure


Monitoring Performance

Identifying Strengths

On joining the School in Year 7, each pupil is assessed using the MidYIS test. This is designed to measure, as far as possible, ability and aptitude for learning, rather than achievement. The test comprises of four sections (Vocabulary, Maths, Non-verbal and Skills) and the results can be used to identify pupils' strengths and weaknesses, inform teaching and learning, and identify gifted pupils and those with special educational needs.

Setting Personal Goals

This information is used to help set pupils a Challenge Grade or personal goal in each subject. Throughout the year, pupil performance in each subject is then tracked using attainment grades compared to the Challenge Grade. This provides a performance indicator ie Blue (exceeds expectation), Green (on target), Amber (some concerns) and Red (specific concerns), shown in interim and end-of-term reports.

Personal Best Through Monitoring and Intervention

The academic progress of pupils is reviewed regularly throughout the year. This monitoring and early intervention is to resolve any difficulties, ensuring that each and every pupil achieves his or her personal best. Heads of Year meet with tutors throughout the year to discuss every pupil, and support mechanisms are in place for any who are struggling with their academic work.


Tutor System and Support

Dedicated Tutors

Every pupil has a dedicated tutor who meets with his or her tutees every day. The tutor is the first point of contact for parents on academic matters and will keep parents up to date with academic progress. Tutors know their tutees well and help them make the most of their time at school, both inside and out of the classroom.

Guidance and Support

Tutors are focused on helping pupils make the most of their education. Every child will meets with his or her tutor each morning. They are able to provide guidance and support on an informal basis in between these meetings. Tutors will set goals, highlight achievements and, where necessary, ensure additional help or resources. Through baseline testing, targets are set against quantifiable national data, giving each pupil the opportunity to fulfil his or her academic potential.

university entry, assistance with completing personal statements

When a pupil enters the Sixth Form, alongside formal classroom teaching, there is an emphasis on important study skills and independent thought with the invaluable support of a Tutor. Each pupil's Tutor is their mentor and guide. They will meet with him or her each day, as part of a small group. During these meetings their progress is reviewed, ideas are shared and matters of concern, pastoral or academic, can be raised. It is our ultimate objective to make sure that every pupil has the opportunity to choose from a wide range of university degree courses and is prepared for successful employment in whatever career he or she chooses. The pupil's Tutor is therefore closely involved in the critical matter of university entry, giving assistance with completing personal statements and UCAS forms.

individually tailored specialist teaching

Further support comes from the Head of Sixth Form, Heads of Department, specialist academic societies and Higher Education Co-ordinator. Alongside this, the Learning Support Department offers individually tailored specialist teaching in one-to-one lessons for pupils with dyslexia or similar learning difficulties. This might cover study skills, revision techniques and improving literacy.

Beyond the Classroom

Academic News

Audrey's going to Yale!

Congratulations to Audrey Foley, a talented academic and sailing scholar, who has been offered early acceptance by Yale University to join their esteemed sailing team, the Yale Bulldogs. Audrey, a full international boarder in Year 13, from the United States, will commence her studies in Economics and Mathematics in September, becoming our first pupil to go on to study at Yale University. 

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End of Term Assembly

The end of term assembly, on Friday, showcased a range of achievements throughout the Michaelmas Term. Headmaster’s Distinctions, Bronze, Silver and Gold Duke of Edinburgh Certificates were awarded, in addition to awards in sports, debating, MUN, performance and service.

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Spanish Play

Once again, we were thrilled to host Onatti Productions, presenting ‘Reserva Duplicada’ a captivating Spanish play for our language learners in Year 7, 8, and 10. This annual event continues to provide our pupils with a fantastic opportunity to immerse themselves in authentic conversations and apply their language skills in a real-life context.  

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Roman Day

Last Thursday, we had the pleasure of hosting Year 3 and 4 pupils from Holbrook Primary School for Roman Day. Led by our Year 8 RHS+ pupils and enriched by the expertise of Year 12 Classicists, the event consisted of 6 entertaining Roman-themed activities. 

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