A Welcome from Headmaster Simon Lockyer

The Royal Hospital School is the region’s leading independent co-educational boarding and day school for 11 to 18 year olds, providing an outstanding, full and broad education enriched by a unique naval heritage.

A 300 Year History

The School was established in 1712 in Greenwich, London, by Royal Charter to 'improve navigation' through education. Just over 300 years later, discovery, exploration and challenge continue to shape our ethos. Our focus is on inspiring our pupils to pursue their interests and make the most of their talents through learning and extra-curricular activities.

Simon Lockyer, Headmaster of the Royal Hospital School

Academic achievement

Academic achievement is key to a young person’s confidence and ability to succeed in life beyond school. We work hard to inspire and empower all our pupils to realise their full potential, enjoy the experience of learning and learn new skills. By challenging them, both inside and outside of the classroom, we achieve effective and stimulating learning and encourage self-discovery. Opportunities exist through our enriched academic curriculum and wealth of co-curricular activities and we provide a safe environment in which young people can step outside their comfort zones; learn to take risks; foster self-belief and self-awareness; and develop skills such as collaboration, initiative and resilience.

Loyalty and Service

We place great importance on developing these skills as well as the traditional values of loyalty and service while providing an excellent education fit for the modern world. Our aim is to give young people the knowledge, skills, confidence and strength of character to go on to lead purposeful and happy lives. Their school days are busy and, at times, challenging but also fun and rewarding. It is clear in their faces that they are happy to be here.

An Invitation to Visit Our School

I warmly invite you to visit us and look forward to meeting you and your family. I am sure that on visiting us and meeting our boys and girls you will see that the School produces impressive, confident young people with a set of values of which any parent or future employer would be proud.


Simon Lockyer