When we connect a gifted child to the legacy of our School we provide an attachment to purpose, a bedrock in their formative years from which curiosity, drive and resilience flourishes.

Professor Bernard de Neumann (1943 – 2018)


The Royal Hospital school is committed to providing life-changing opportunities through bursaries. In terms of partnerships, around 70 children are currently supported through a means'-tested Seafarers' Bursary awarded by our parent charity, Greenwich Hospital, who also provide university bursaries for seafarers. We also enjoy a partnership with the Royal National Children's SpringBoard Foundation, funding a number of children from some of the most deprived communities. 

Our ambition is to widen this access to even more pupils who would benefit from the outstanding all-round education we provide. We are particularly keen to honour our founding values of service and loyalty by supporting children of alumni, those with a maritime or services background and cared for children from our ancestral home, the Royal Borough of Greenwich.

Thanks to the journey started by the Royal Hospital School (Alumni) Association, our first community funded pupil entered the School in 2019. With your support, we will change an 100 lives by 2033, the centenary of the School's move to Holbrook.

Both Joshua and Nathan had an amazing time at RHS, fully embracing everything the school had to offer them. Their life trajectories are now offering them a future which is brighter and richer than I could ever have hoped for. The School has without doubt enabled them to navigate their successes. To all potential donors I would like to highlight how life-changing a bursary can be for people of less affluent backgrounds. This is why I am delighted that the School is taking its destiny in its own hands and fundraising for bursaries for children from low-income families.

Julia Mellors, regular supporter of the Centennial Fund (and proud mum of Joshua and Nathan Mellors pictured above)

With your help we can continue to transform lives by offering greater access to our all-round education.
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Angela's Dream Come True

One pupil who has excelled despite only joining RHS in Year 12 is Angela. With the combination of the support from the Springboard Foundation and her continuous hard work, Angela flourished at the School, and we could not be prouder of the person she has become.

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Twin Success!

Twins, Izzy and Millie, have taken every opportunity the School have offered them since they started RHS in Year 7. Izzy is one of our Academic Scholars and has performed incredibly well in her GCSE results, achieving seven 9's and two 8's. Millie is one of our Art Scholars and has also done incredibly well in her exams, more than half 9-7.

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