The Royal Hospital School Mission

Our Mission is 'to understand each young person’s strengths, to help them to make the right choices at the right time, navigating through their critical formative years and ensuring their education becomes the foundation for their happiness and success.'

Educational Aims

This Mission is underpinned by the following educational aims:

  • to develop intellectual curiosity and academic confidence;
  • to enable every pupil to fulfil their potential, grow into the person they wish to become and be prepared for life after school;
  • to inspire leadership, adventure and self-discovery;
  • to foster creativity and imagination;
  • to provide a secure and nurturing community which promotes wellbeing, fitness and healthy competition;
  • to instil the values of service, loyalty and commitment and uphold the School’s unique and rich heritage; and
  • to cultivate a global outlook and environmental responsibility.

Our Ethos

We are immensely proud of our historic links and discovery, exploration and challenge continue to shape our ethos. The traditional values of loyalty, commitment, courage, respect, service and integrity have underpinned the School’s philosophy from the very beginning; three hundred years later, they are as relevant to the education we provide now as they were then.

A Modern, Forward-Thinking HMC School

Today the Royal Hospital School is a modern, forward-thinking HMC school anchored on 300 years of history and achievement. It enjoys a stunning location in rural Suffolk and school life is enriched by a strong naval tradition. It is owned by the Crown Charity, Greenwich Hospital and the School's purpose is to contribute to society through excellence in the teaching and learning of 11-18 year old boys and girls.